LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 27 June 2020

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Los Angeles Times 27 June 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 27 June 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Gym supplies: MATS

5 Affectionate-poke-on-the-nose word: BOOP

9 Cut souvenirs: SCARS

14 Without instruments: ACAPPELLA

16 "Haystacks" painter: MONET

17 "What?": COMEAGAIN

18 Soaked: SOGGY

19 "The Twilight Zone" (2019) host Jordan: PEELE

20 Distress: VEX

22 Ballet move: PLIE

23 Two-step tutorials, say: DANCELESSONS

26 Take a bad turn: GOSOUTH

29 "Semper Fidelis" composer: SOUSA

30 "Concord Sonata" composer: IVES

31 Race units: LAPS

34 Talked like Moses or Abraham? SPAKE

36 Tart finish? LET

37 In actuality: DEFACTO

39 The last pope named Clement: XIV

40 Cleaner brand with a macron on its first vowel: DRANO

42 Circulate: FLOW

43 Cornmeal product: PONE

44 Ones known for excellent service: ACERS

46 Many people make them at work: LIVINGS

48 Blizzard portmanteau: SNOWMAGEDDON

51 "Rub-__ ... ": ADUB

52 Root that may be cubed: YAM

53 Big battery: DCELL

56 Realm of Tolkien's Dwarves: MORIA

58 Are useful: FILLANEED

61 Cleared in a diner: BUSED

62 Proverbial nonexistent meal: FREELUNCH

63 Nuclear trial: ATEST

64 Pamplona pronoun: ESOS

65 BFN alternative: TTYL


1 Buddy: MAC

2 "Rent-__": 1988 film: ACOP

3 Unlikely to titillate: TAME

4 Small trunks: SPEEDOS

5 "Go easy on me": BEGENTLE

6 Copacabana greeting: OLA

7 Tree sacred to Athena: OLIVE

8 "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!" group: PANEL

9 Texting format, briefly: SMS

10 Confines: COOPSUP

11 Norman Conquest victim: ANGLOSAXON

12 2019 Best Supporting Actress winner for "If Beale Street Could Talk": REGINAKING

13 They may be treated with compresses: STYES

15 Country in the Caroline Islands: PALAU

21 Strike symbols: XES

24 Source of livestock feed: CHAFF

25 Okay: SOSO

26 Deceptively adorn: GILD

27 Transmission conclusion: OVERANDOUT

28 Start of typical "Star Trek" navigation orders: SETACOURSE

32 Buddy: PAL

33 Admonish: SCOLD

35 Tense times, maybe: EVES

37 School house: DORM

38 Turns idly, as a pencil: TWIDDLES

41 Green ones: NEWBIES

43 Pesto ingredient: PINENUT

45 For example: SAY

47 Inclined to opine: VOCAL

48 Copacabana steps: SAMBA

49 Faux pas: GAFFE

50 Mideast dignitaries: EMIRS

54 Advanced: LENT

55 Goranson of "The Conners": LECY

57 Big name in home security: ADT

59 Summer sign: LEO

60 FedEx rival: DHL

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