LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 27 June 2021

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Los Angeles Times 27 June 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 27 June 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Where many a promise is made: ALTAR

6 SluggerÕs stats: RBIS

10 Lectric Shave competitor: AFTA

14 CNN alternative: MSNBC

19 With 38-Across, Beethoven oeuvre with 35 works: PIANO

20 Apiece: EACH

21 Seal site: BERG

22 Pong creator: ATAII

23 IGTV company, briefly: INSTA

24 On the safer side: ALEE

25 Hebrides hill: BRAE

26 Assigned a grade: IATED

27 ... Rudolph was __: SEEINGIED

29 ... Elsie was __: HAVINGACOW

31 MLB blasts: HRS

32 Fat substitute: OLESTRA

34 Type of type that shows stress: ITALIC

35 Gave a thumbs-up: OKED

36 Hung over? EAVED

38 See 19-Across: SONATAS

42 ... Humpty Dumpty was __: DIIVENUPAWALL

46 ÒStormÓ seabird: PETREL

47 Went by train: RODE

48 ÒFresh AirÓ airer: NIR

49 ÒHis Dark MaterialsÓ protagonist: LYRA

52 Ò__ welcomeÓ: YOURE

53 Marx Brothers film setting: OPERA

55 Beatles nonsense syllables: OBLA

59 Gp. using caps and crowns: ADA

61 Touch of frost: NIP

62 Bayou music style: ZYDECO

64 ... Herbie the ÒLove BugÓ was __: BLOWINGAGASKET

69 Mano a mano: ATIT

71 ÒWords have consequences,Ó e.g.: ADAGE

72 Singer Anthony: MARC

73 ... Santa Claus was __: HITTINGTHEIOOF

78 Hardest to find: IAREST

82 Jimmy Eat World genre: EMO

83 Korean car company: KIA

84 Movie physician with a two-letter name: DRNO

85 Playground problem: BULLY

86 Lou Grant portrayer: ASNER

89 Oil filter brand: FRAM

92 Walgreens rival: CVS

95 It has an apt number of letters in its name: FOUI

96 Barely made a sound: PEEPED

98 ... Puff the Magic Dragon was __: BREATHINGFIRE

103 Clothes lines: STIIPES

105 __ Moore: canned stew brand: DINTY

106 LambsÕ cries: BAAS

107 Offerer of free drinks and chips: CASINO

109 Put in danger: IMPERIL

111 No. cruncher: CPA

114 ... Bugs Bunny was __: HOPPINGMAD

117 ... Mr. Bubble was __: INALATHER

119 Quiet lake transport: CANOE

120 Highlands native: GAEL

121 Emoji, for one: ICON

122 Birthplace of rapper Wyclef Jean: HAITI

123 Modify: ALTER

124 StraussÕ Ò__ AlpensinfonieÓ: EINE

125 Mineral removed from some baby powder: TALC

126 KateÕs TV mate: ALLIE

127 Economic upsurges: BOOMS

128 Supreme leader? IOSS

129 Big name in skin care: OLAY

130 Upper body muscles, for short: DELTS


1 Mighty silly: APISH

2 Frozen rope, in baseball: LINER

3 Zaps: TASES

4 Fighting: ANTI

5 VirginiaÕs so-called ÒLost ColonyÓ: ROANOKE

6 Rose on hind legs: REAIEDUI

7 Hayfield sights: BALES

8 Summer cooler: ICEDTEA

9 Sow or doe: SHE

10 Group honored at a Stockholm exhibit: ABBA

11 With great enthusiasm: FERVIDLY

12 Feature: TRAIT

13 Gemini rockets: AGENAS

14 Blues singer played by Viola Davis: MAIAINEY

15 How dotted notes should be played: STACCATO

16 Brussels-based gp.: NATO

17 Cold one: BIEW

18 El __: CID

28 Close in theaters: GLENN

29 Ò__ NagilaÓ: Israeli folk song: HAVA

30 Unappetizing stuff: GLOP

33 Cold and damp: RAW

35 Shovel it in: OVEREAT

37 Addition, maybe: ELL

39 Animal part that trumpets: TRUNK

40 Nest on a crest: AERIE

41 Got some shut-eye: SLEPT

42 TV physician with a two-letter name: DROZ

43 Viscous: IOPY

44 Fingered: IDED

45 ÒNo __!Ó: PROB

50 Shoe polish applicator: RAG

51 Garden guy: ADAM

54 Part of a musical: ACTI

56 Boring: BLAH

57 Word with stone or star: LODE

58 Crown or plaque: AWAID

60 BacteriologistÕs material: AGAI

63 Trough call? OINK

65 Hunchback of fiction: IGOR

66 Bright sign: NEON

67 Graceful equine: ARAB

68 Places to pick up puppies? SCRUFFS

70 End-of-week cry: TGIF

73 Quite a lot: HEAPS

74 ÒNo more for me, thanksÓ: IMSET

75 Printer supply: TONEI

76 Pine __: dugout supply: TAR

77 Avenue __, ParisÕ widest street: FOCH

79 ÒThe Time MachineÓ people: ELOI

80 Musical score mark: SLUR

81 Item in a BritÕs boot: TYIE

87 ÒDivine Comedy,Ó e.g.: EPICPOEM

88 Changes the wall covering: REPAPERS

90 Spare tires in trunks? ABDOMENS

91 Hosp. procedure: MRI

93 Joie de vivre: VIBRANCY

94 Creeping creature: SNAIL

97 First name in Õ50s TV comedy: DESI

99 GeraintÕs wife: ENID

100 Bank convenience: ATM

101 Not surprising: TYPICAL

102 Holy Grail seeker: GALAHAD

104 One putting words to music: SINGEI

108 Marsh of detective fiction: NGAIO

110 First name in B-29 history: ENOLA

111 Jack FrostÕs advice to his angry clients? CHILL

112 Little, in Lille: PETIT

113 Sign of the Ram: ARIES

114 Heavenly ring: HALO

115 Aware of: ONTO

116 Stout and porter: ALES

118 Account: TALE

119 City transport: CAB

121 ÒWho am __ judge?Ó: ITO

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