LA Times Crossword answers Monday 27 March 2017

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Los Angeles Times 27 March 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 27 March 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Ponzi scheme, e.g.: SCAM

5 Impersonated: APED

9 Your __ Highness: ROYAL

14 Drilled bowling ball feature: HOLE

15 Artist Magritte: RENE

16 Shah of Iran, in 1979-'80: EXILE

17 Bahrain big shot: EMIR

18 Writer's chief work (Latin): MAGNUMOPUS

20 Sphere of influence: AMBIT

22 Drinking glass edges: RIMS

23 Ambulance initials: EMS

24 Done deal (French): FAITACCOMPLI

28 Farm country skyline highlights: SILOS

29 Nissan model: SENTRA

33 "Take me for a walk!": ARF

36 Expel from office: OUST

38 Amazon's business: ETAIL

39 With 42-Across, cars like BMWs and Audis ... or 18-, 24-, 53- and 63-Across: FOREIGN

42 See 39-Across: IMPORTS

44 Rhett's last words: ADAMN

45 Siamese, now: THAI

47 __ dye: food-coloring compound: AZO

48 Live (in): RESIDE

50 Lover of Euridice, in a Gluck opera: ORFEO

53 English, in many non-English speaking countries (Italian): LINGUAFRANCA

58 Word with health or day: SPA

61 Oboist's need: REED

62 Lagoon-enclosing isle: ATOLL

63 Young sensation (German): WUNDERKIND

67 Sinister: EVIL

68 Cort├ęs subject: AZTEC

69 Wrinkle, as a brow: KNIT

70 San __, Italy: REMO

71 Suppose for argument's sake: POSIT

72 Many van Goghs: OILS

73 Killed, as a dragon: SLEW


1 Harvest bundle: SHEAF

2 Grammar class subject: COMMA

3 Legal defense mechanism? ALIBI

4 Advantages: MERITS

5 Shortstop's asset: ARM

6 Green soup veggie: PEA

7 Thoroughly absorb: ENGROSS

8 Jeans fabric: DENIM

9 Dreaming phase: REMSLEEP

10 Kitchenware brand: OXO

11 Frightened exclamation: YIPE

12 University fund-raising target: ALUM

13 A smaller amount of: LESS

19 Quartet assigned to bases: UMPS

21 Mai __: TAI

25 Plumber's challenge: CLOG

26 Dracula's title: COUNT

27 Avid about: INTO

30 Skater Lipinski: TARA

31 Nabisco cracker: RITZ

32 "Wait, there's more ... ": ALSO

33 Miles away: AFAR

34 Traveled by bike: RODE

35 Abbey titles: FRAS

37 Princess' headpiece: TIARA

40 Oscar winner Jannings: EMIL

41 Roundabout, as a route: INDIRECT

43 Offend slightly: MIFF

46 Entertainer who often got tied up in his work? HOUDINI

49 Part of DOE: Abbr.: ENER

51 Historic period: ERA

52 Many top-rated TV shows of the late '50s/early '60s: OATERS

54 Gordon __, "Wall Street" antagonist: GEKKO

55 James Joyce work: NOVEL

56 Weather, in poems: CLIME

57 Permit: ALLOW

58 Tit for tat, e.g.: SWAP

59 "The Godfather" novelist Mario: PUZO

60 Teeny colonizers: ANTS

64 Agnus __: DEI

65 Zip, in soccer: NIL

66 Wino's woe: DTS

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