LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 27 March 2018

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Los Angeles Times 27 March 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 27 March 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "__ show time!": ITS

4 Get some rays: BASK

8 Weak, excuse-wise: FLIMSY

14 Stanley Cup org.: NHL

15 "See ya": TATA

16 Change from five stars to three, say: RERATE

17 Drink with jam and bread, in song: TEA

18 "You think anyone cares about MY opinion?": WHATDOIKNOW

20 Nocturnal birds: OWLS

22 HBO miniseries "Big Little __": LIES

23 Easy-to-scam people: SAPS

24 Boatload (of): WHOLESLEW

27 Caramel-filled candy: ROLO

28 "Hold the Hellmann's": NOMAYO

29 Protein-building acid: AMINO

31 Mother in Calcutta: TERESA

35 "On the Beach" novelist Shute: NEVIL

36 Texter's #1 pal: BFF

39 "Let's see here ... ": WELLNOW

41 Finish: END

42 "You win": ILOSE

44 Ophthalmologist's concern: MYOPIA

46 Myanmar, once: BURMA

47 Gives the go-ahead: ALLOWS

51 Scent: ODOR

52 Overall concept of the universe: WORLDVIEW

55 Guthrie of folk: ARLO

56 Manufacture: MAKE

57 Designer Gucci: ALDO

58 Eye-of-newt concoction: WITCHESBREW

62 Sense of self: EGO

63 "You can say that again!": ANDHOW

64 Christmas season: YULE

65 U.S. House member: REP

66 "You can say that again!": YESYES

67 City near Tulsa: ENID

68 Radical '60s campus gp.: SDS


1 Visiting the area: INTOWN

2 "My Generation" rock band: THEWHO

3 Zigzag ski event: SLALOM

4 "Before I forget," in texts: BTW

5 "Say __": doctor's directive: AAH

6 Buy time: STALL

7 Longtime "Today" co-host Couric: KATIE

8 Some big dos: FROS

9 Kauai garland: LEI

10 Exasperating: IRKSOME

11 "Holy smokes!": MANALIVE

12 Drop by, colloquially: STOPONIN

13 Evergreens shrubs: YEWS

19 Drops on the grass: DEW

21 Wood strip: SLAT

25 Glasses and goggles: EYEWEAR

26 Achy: SORE

27 Acted without restraint: RANWILD

30 Overused, as jokes: OLD

32 Shade tree: ELM

33 Foxy: SLY

34 "I'll take that as __": ANO

36 Lobster eater's protection: BIB

37 The "F" element in CFC: FLUORINE

38 Full-size cars of the 1960s-'80s: FORDLTDS

40 Lustrous white gem: OPAL

43 Kissy-kissy: SMOOCHY

45 Thomas __ Edison: ALVA

48 Persian Gulf ships: OILERS

49 Crammed (into) ... and, when aptly hyphenated, like 18-, 24-, 39-, 52- and 58-Across: WEDGED

50 Descends suddenly: SWOOPS

52 Used to be: WAS

53 "All right, so long": OKBYE

54 "Friends" episode, now: RERUN

55 Not 1-Down: AWAY

56 Kitty sounds: MEWS

59 Groundbreaking invention? HOE

60 Quarterback Manning: ELI

61 Marry: WED

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