LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 27 March 2019

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Los Angeles Times 27 March 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 27 March 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Sow chow: SLOP

5 Sport with clay disks: SKEET

10 "House Hunters" channel: HGTV

14 Kind of curriculum: CORE

15 Mural prefix: INTRA

16 Nécessité for a soufflé: OEUF

17 Food thickener: AGAR

18 Anti-wrinkle option: BOTOX

19 Hearty bowlful: STEW

20 Shenanigans: MONKEYBUSINESS

23 Wrinkly little dog: PUG

24 Gore and Green: ALS

25 Defunct supermarket chain that once had nearly 16,000 stores: AANDP

27 Lines on a list: ITEMS

29 Thick slice: SLAB

32 Break bread: EAT

33 Adds bubbles to: AERATES

36 Tropicana Field MLB team: RAYS

37 "Nonsense!": HORSEFEATHERS

40 Cry under a pop fly: MINE

41 Shiraz resident: IRANIAN

42 Find a job for: USE

43 Organic compound: ENOL

44 Freeways and parkways: ROADS

48 Store in a queue for printing: SPOOL

50 Like some pkgs.: PPD

52 India-born author Santha Rama __: RAU

53 Nabisco product whose package formerly displayed circus cages: ANIMALCRACKERS

58 Soon, long ago: ANON

59 Baby's ailment: COLIC

60 Oodles: LOTS

61 URL connection: LINK

62 Tiny amount: TRACE

63 Beekeeper played by Peter Fonda: ULEE

64 Deck quartet: ACES

65 Underground home of the Ninja Turtles: SEWER

66 Surname of the stars of 20-, 37- and 53-Across: MARX


1 Shrimp dish: SCAMPI

2 Leave a chat room, say: LOGOUT

3 Grand Marnier flavor: ORANGE

4 Central __: "Friends" coffee house: PERK

5 Female oracle: SIBYL

6 Drawer handles: KNOBS

7 Words to a traitor: ETTU

8 Love god: EROS

9 Roll to the runway: TAXI

10 Biblical prophet: HOSEA

11 Comes close to: GETSNEAR

12 When general U.S. elections are held: TUESDAYS

13 Ex-GIs' gp.: VFW

21 Makes less difficult: EASES

22 Catch red-handed: NAB

26 Qt. halves: PTS

28 Stable mother: MARE

29 Base runner's ploy: STEAL

30 Like tough economic times: LEAN

31 Wine province near Turin: ASTI

34 Free __: carte blanche: REIN

35 Jackson 5 hairdo: AFRO

36 City that aptly rhymes with "casino": RENO

37 From Latin America: HISPANIC

38 Like a typical therapy session: ONEONONE

39 Capital of Canada? HARDC

40 Juilliard subj.: MUS

43 Shade tree: ELM

45 Colorful ring: AREOLA

46 Quick mover: DARTER

47 English Channel county: SUSSEX

49 Sty chorus: OINKS

50 Haggling focus: PRICE

51 Indiana NBA player: PACER

54 Show parts: ACTS

55 Handed-down stories: LORE

56 Crab's grabber: CLAW

57 "America's Got Talent" judge Heidi: KLUM

58 Miss. neighbor: ALA

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