LA Times Crossword answers Friday 27 March 2020

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Los Angeles Times 27 March 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 27 March 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 June event that highlighted Zion in 2019: NBAD

5 Revolt: DISG

9 Questlove's do: FRO

12 "__ is human ... ": TOERR

14 Asian gambling mecca: MACAU

15 Pasture: LEA

16 Greek goddesses of the seasons: HORAE

17 Anglicized name for Australia's Uluru: AYERSROCK

19 Game response that means no: GOFISH

21 Like mockumentaries: SATIRIC

22 Sailboat staff: MAST

23 Sell: HAWK

25 Disquiet: AGITA

26 Messy roommate: SLOB

27 Oscar winner Kazan: ELIA

28 Valentine's Day buys: VASES

29 Parts: ROLES

31 Seeing right through: ONTO

33 "Shame!": TSK

34 Wannabe: POSEUR

36 Result of a lost feed: DEADA

39 Free from: RIDOF

41 Get ready to play: SUITUP

45 Tests graded on a scale of 1 to 5: Abbr.: APS

48 "Oh __!": insult reaction: SNAP

50 Maine college town: ORONO

51 Deep-fried seafood appetizer: CRABP

54 Thin opening: SLOT

56 Winnipeg NHLers: JETS

57 End of a toast: TOYOU

58 This is one: CLUE

59 Texter's "But ... ": OTOH

60 To such an extent (as): INSOFAR

62 Thin: NARROW

64 Connecticut college town: FAIRFIELD

66 "My name is ... " site: IDTAG

68 LAX abbr.: ETD

69 Brainstorms: IDEAS

70 Disney's "Moana" was translated into it: MAORI

71 __ gratias: DEO

72 Second opening? NANO

73 Flanders et al.: NEDS


1 Utmost degree: NTH

2 "Electric __": 1984 dance-pop song: BOOGALOO

3 Sprays from cans: AEROSOLS

4 It's on tap: DRAFTBEER

5 __ trip: DAY

6 Salchow support: ICESKATE

7 "Waitress" composer Bareilles: SARA

8 "The Planets" composer Holst: GUSTAV

9 User of 28-Across: FLORIST

10 Speaks from memory: RECITES

11 Winery fixture: OAKCASK

13 Outdoorsy retailer: REI

14 Island thanks: MAHALO

18 Baltic capital: RIGA

20 "__ Walks in Beauty": Byron poem: SHE

22 Car ad fig.: MSRP

24 Jackpot, e.g., and a hint to completing four puzzle answers: WINDFALL

30 __ generis: SUI

32 Western treaty gp.: OAS

35 Hwys.: RDS

37 Daft Punk, for one: DUO

38 Shoe brand first made for an NBA star: AIRJORDAN

40 Happening in film: ONSCREEN

42 In close combat: TOETOTOE

43 Hard to work with: UNTOWARD

44 Sumptuous: POSH

45 Allergy medicine discontinued in the U.S.: ACTIFED

46 Rotate inward while walking, as one's foot: PRONATE

47 Gets married: SAYSIDO

49 Money symbolized by a stylized L: POUNDS

52 Crude dude: BOOR

53 Northern seabird: PUFFIN

55 Afternoon __: TEA

61 John/Rice musical: AIDA

63 Edge: RIM

65 Southeast Asian language: LAO

67 PFCs, e.g.: GIS

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