LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 27 May 2021

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Los Angeles Times 27 May 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 27 May 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Base in "A Few Good Men," familiarly: GITMO

6 Selection: PICK

10 Eat away: ERODE

15 Live, TV-wise: ONAIR

16 Turkish title: AGHA

17 Red Square honoree: LENIN

18 Author's dream: BESTSELLER

20 White pawns, e.g.: OCTAD

21 Became effective: TOOK

22 Spanish she-bear: OSA

23 One may be grand: PIANO

24 GPS displays: RTES

26 It's rated 10+ on the Scoville Scale: GHOSTPEPPER

29 Skip the café: EATIN

31 Battleship abbr.: USS

32 Praiseful poem: ODE

33 Words that may preempt a dismissal: IRESIGN

35 Bird in Liberty Mutual ads: EMU

37 __ Valley, Calif.: SIMI

41 Primes, e.g.: Abbr.: NOS

42 1979 #1 hit for Donna Summer, and what the four longest Across answers are: HOTSTUFF

45 Many a fed. holiday: MON

46 Ltr. directive: ATTN

48 Ontario-based music gp.: TSO

49 "Cats" poet: TSELIOT

51 "Big Little Lies" airer: HBO

53 Providence-to-Boston dir.: NNE

55 Island environs: WATER

56 Haul, in a bad way: STOLENGOODS

61 When tripled, a story shortener: YADA

62 Ralph of "The Waltons": WAITE

63 "So awful!": UGH

64 Nautical unit: KNOT

66 Moray catcher: EELER

67 "Fifty Shades of Grey," for one: EROTICFILM

71 Crosswise, on deck: ABEAM

72 Suckers: SAPS

73 "__ now, when?": IFNOT

74 Singer nicknamed "The Velvet Fog": TORME

75 Hook's sidekick: SMEE

76 Certain NCOs: SSGTS


1 Hunk: GOB

2 Serpent's tail? INE

3 Competition with blindfolds, maybe: TASTETEST

4 Cell division: MITOSIS

5 Roughly: ORSO

6 Bud: PAL

7 Inuit homes: IGLOOS

8 Place for kings and queens: CHESSSET

9 Gold measure: KARAT

10 Ran off to get hitched: ELOPED

11 Chef's assortment: RECIPES

12 Ready to be poured: ONTAP

13 Lane of "Unfaithful": DIANE

14 Ewoks' home: ENDOR

19 Hosp. readout: EKG

24 Isabella, por ejemplo: REINA

25 Deck with the Fool and the World: TAROT

27 Tracks down: HUNTS

28 Hairdos made popular by Marie Antoinette: POUFS

30 Medical research org.: NIH

34 Boarded: GOTON

36 Like some colors: MUTED

38 Pretending to be: IMITATING

39 Called from the pasture: MOOED

40 Prefix with mural: INTRA

43 Ultrasound image: SONOGRAM

44 Small amount: FEW

47 Blues, e.g.: NHLTEAM

50 Terminations: LAYOFFS

52 "Cold one, please": BEERME

54 Words of despair: NOHOPE

56 It may be broken in a gym: SWEAT

57 Fitness regimen: TAEBO

58 Gulf ship: OILER

59 Jeans brand with a question mark in its logo: GUESS

60 Hit the slopes: SKI

65 "JAG" spin-off: NCIS

68 Mao __-tung: TSE

69 Realtor's offering: LOT

70 Peaks: Abbr.: MTS

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