LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 27 November 2016

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Los Angeles Times 27 November 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 27 November 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Udon cousin: SOBA

5 Not at all: HARDLY

11 Poker pro's concern: ODDS

15 Weather the storm: COPE

19 Latin 101 verb: AMAS

20 Albéniz piano work: IBERIA

21 Petty of "A League of Their Own": LORI

22 Mind matter: IDEA

23 Breakfast item: SAUSAGELINK

25 Lackluster: DRAB

26 Let it all out: VENT

27 Blade holder: SHEATH

28 Heavy ref.: OED

29 Ancient manuscripts: PAPYRI

31 Gridiron figure: YARDAGE

33 Bus station compartment: STORAGELOCKER

39 Bar menu heading: REDS

41 Zilch: NIL

42 "Do __?": IDARE

43 Decorative outdoor fixture: CARRRAGELAMP

49 TV awareness-raiser: PSA

52 Action film props: UZIS

53 Cookie shaped like two of its letters: OREO

54 Throw a feast for: REGALE

55 1984 Nobel Peace Prize winner: TUTU

56 Handled bag: TOTE

57 Started war? DEALT

59 Serious trend: RAGE

60 Category including spacing and margins: PAGELAYOUT

62 Like some speeches, it seems: ENDLESS

64 Ruffle feathers, so to speak: MAKEMAD

65 Tells: SAYSTO

66 Musical with the song "Willkommen": CABARET

69 Collie collar danglers: IDTAGS

74 Fugitive: RUNAWAY

76 Left hanging: STOODUP

77 Vehicle usage record: MILEAGELOG

81 Coil on a reel: HOSE

84 "That's a fact!": NOLIE

85 Comparison words: ASAN

86 Room access: HALL

87 Masonry mixture: MORTAR

89 Streamlet: RILL

90 "Leaving Las Vegas" co-star: SHUE

91 Decorates mischievously, for short: TPS

92 Curbside check-in freebie: LUGGAGELABEL

94 Yankee manager before Girardi: TORRE

96 Sports statistic: WIN

97 One way to get dinner: TOGO

98 Broadway director's concern: STAGELIGHTING

104 Not just bargain: DICTATE

109 How many raises are given: YEARLY

110 Anger: IRE

112 Mason of "The Goodbye Girl": MARSHA

113 Restrain: CURB

116 Cause to fluctuate: SWAY

117 "American Graffiti" director: GEORGELUCAS

119 Kolkata's locale: ASIA

120 Paddock parent: SIRE

121 Mental wherewithal: ACUMEN

122 Construction site sight: CONE

123 Mannerless sort: BOOR

124 Till stack: ONES

125 "He loves me" pieces: PETALS

126 Hot times abroad: ETES


1 Fresh: SASSY

2 Home of Heartland of America Park: OMAHA

3 Outdoor clothing entrepreneur Eddie: BAUER

4 Mideast president elected the same year as the younger Bush: ASSAD

5 Overdrive: HIGHGEAR

6 Presidential nickname: ABE

7 Transfer to a new city, briefly: RELO

8 Sits on the line: DRIES

9 Godiva alternative: LINDT

10 Shaggy-haired bovine: YAK

11 Lifetime chum: OLDPAL

12 Biker's headgear, maybe: DORAG

13 Sun blocker: DRAPE

14 Legendary prophet: SIBYL

15 Serving on a jury, e.g.: CIVICDUTY

16 Elevated lines? ODE

17 Waterman product: PEN

18 Work on a course: EAT

24 Early gaming name: ATARI

30 French royal: ROI

32 Craftsman outdoor tools: EDGERS

34 Generous offer: ONME

35 Swindle, in slang: RIP

36 Instrument that doesn't need tuning: KAZOO

37 "Un Ballo in Maschera" aria: ERITU

38 Zero out, say: RESET

40 Sonic Dash publisher: SEGA

43 They may be cracked: CODES

44 Sports venue: ARENA

45 Prepared: READY

46 Big wheel's wheels: ROLLS

47 Internet connectivity annoyance: LAG

48 IPA component: ALE

49 Sound of the Northwest: PUGET

50 Champagne flute feature: STEM

51 Café order: AULAIT

55 Leave, with "off": TAKE

58 Colorful pet store purchase: TETRA

60 Something to shoot for: PAR

61 Supplement: ADDON

63 Looked for: SOUGHT

64 National Bike Month: MAY

66 Heads and tails: CALLS

67 Illegal mil. status: AWOL

68 Paper or plastic: BAG

70 Irish lullaby start: TOORA

71 Surprise in a skit: ADLIB

72 Duplicity: GUILE

73 Period of time: SPELL

75 Minimum-range tide: NEAP

76 Poseidon, e.g.: SEAGOD

77 Ketch pair: MASTS

78 Seemingly can't lose: ISHOT

79 Linney of "The Savages": LAURA

80 Athlete's supplement: ENERGYBAR

81 Fail to share: HOG

82 AA or AAA: ORG

83 "College GameDay" number: STAT

87 Short bond? MUNI

88 Training routines: REGIMENS

92 Hammered: LIT

93 From around here: LOCAL

95 Big shoes to fill? EEE

96 "But of course!": WHYYES

99 Catcher on the range: LASSO

100 Director Allen who was dubbed the "Master of Disaster": IRWIN

101 Look daggers (at): GLARE

102 Birthday card rack subsection: NIECE

103 Tiling job supply: GROUT

105 Mutual agreement: TRUCE

106 Site of the Princess Margaret Stakes: ASCOT

107 Macbeth, when the play began: THANE

108 Alleviates: EASES

111 "At Wit's End" author Bombeck: ERMA

113 Zin kin: CAB

114 "Always by their side" org.: USO

115 River in Spain: RIO

117 Lack of continuity: GAP

118 Styling product hidden in eight long puzzle answers: GEL

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