LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 27 November 2018

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Los Angeles Times 27 November 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 27 November 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Transvaal treks: SAFARIS

8 Quarters: FOURTHS

15 Big building: EDIFICE

16 Political power structure: APPARAT

17 Asian setting of a 2017 PBS documentary by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick: VIETNAM

18 Not belowdecks: TOPSIDE

19 Snakelike fish: EEL

20 Golf club part: GRIP

22 Mend one's sinful ways: REPENT

23 Paul of "Ant-Man": RUDD

25 GI entertainers: USO

26 Many soap opera meetings: TRYSTS

27 Scottish caps: TAMS

29 Ray of fast food: KROC

31 Nuclear pioneer Enrico: FERMI

33 Kickoff aid: TEE

34 Physical therapy, briefly: REHAB

39 French __ soup: ONION

40 Appt. book blocks: HRS

41 Mountains between Europe and Asia: URALS

42 Channel for school sports: ESPNU

43 Frequently, in verse: OFT

44 December temp: SANTA

45 Skater Lipinski: TARA

47 Combat vet's affliction, briefly: PTSD

48 Bombard with noise: DEAFEN

52 Tax whiz: CPA

54 Spanish "this": ESTO

57 Nonresident hospital employee: EXTERN

58 Gutter locale: EAVE

60 Party bowlful: DIP

61 Brutish: BESTIAL

63 Dilapidated digs: RATHOLE

65 Contrived sentimentality: TREACLE

66 Funded: ENDOWED

67 Like the oldest bread: STALEST

68 Emails anew: RESENDS


1 Break, as ties: SEVER

2 French parting: ADIEU

3 *Educational outing: FIELDTRIP

4 Toward the stern: AFT

5 Mark on a table from a wet glass: RING

6 Wax-winged flier of myth: ICARUS

7 Their winners go to the finals: SEMIS

8 The 1% in 1% milk: FAT

9 Portuguese wine city: OPORTO

10 *Social elite: UPPERCRUST

11 Sounding like Popeye: RASPY

12 Tastes: TRIES

13 "Wish I __ said that": HADNT

14 Decides to leave in the manuscript: STETS

21 *Gambler's stoic expression: POKERFACE

24 Bourne portrayer: DAMON

28 *Quick-cook side dish: MINUTERICE

30 Enjoy a recliner: REST

31 Enemy: FOE

32 Nav. rank: ENS

33 Norse god with a hammer: THOR

35 Dry-__ board: ERASE

36 Without a doubt ... or what the starts of the answers to starred clues are? HANDSDOWN

37 PC key near Ctrl: ALT

38 Org. with merit badges: BSA

46 Chronological records: ANNALS

47 Stately 16th-century dance: PAVANE

48 Financial obligations: DEBTS

49 Wield, as influence: EXERT

50 Perplexed: ATSEA

51 __ monitor: OB/GYN device: FETAL

53 Peeling device: PARER

55 Like many shower stalls: TILED

56 Opinion columns: OPEDS

59 JFK postings: ETDS

62 Tennis do-over: LET

64 Furrow maker: HOE

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