LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 27 November 2019

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Los Angeles Times 27 November 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 27 November 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Roster entry: NAME

5 Opens, as a car hood: POPS

9 Letter-shaped opening: TSLOT

14 Foundry by-product: SLAG

15 Army outfit: UNIT

16 __ squash: ACORN

17 Long tooth: FANG

18 Will of "The Waltons": GEER

19 Vinaigrette holder: CRUET

20 First, Lucky plays the lottery and buys the __: WINNINGTICKET

23 "Price negotiable," in ads: OBO

24 Soft drink choice: COLA

25 Then, Lucky goes to court and is awarded a __: HUGESETTLEMENT

32 Put up, as preserves: CAN

33 "Winter Song" musician John: TESH

34 Post-quake rumbling: TREMOR

35 Bear up? URSA

37 Pride youngster: CUB

39 "That's that!": DONE

40 Tennis great Graf: STEFFI

43 Goya subject: MAJA

46 Second-largest U.S. state: TEX

47 Finally, Lucky joins March Madness and fills out a __: PERFECTBRACKET

50 Lascivious look: LEER

51 Letter after phi: CHI

52 What Lucky got, literally and figuratively, when his alarm clock put an end to a very pleasant dream: RUDEAWAKENING

58 Geeky type: DWEEB

60 Unresponsive state: COMA

61 Like a cloudy London day: GREY

62 "Laughing" critter: HYENA

63 Pre-event periods: EVES

64 Old-time teacher: MARM

65 Giant opening? SOFTG

66 Rooms with TVs: DENS

67 Fades to black: ENDS


1 "Careful where you open this link" shorthand: NSFW

2 Jai __: ALAI

3 Grammy winner Aimee: MANN

4 Yuletide mugful: EGGNOG

5 Doglike facial feature: PUGNOSE

6 Universal donor's type, briefly: ONEG

7 Artist Mondrian: PIET

8 Not at all lenient: STRICT

9 Touchdown preventer, often: TACKLER

10 Reacted to a scare: SCREAMED

11 Ill-mannered type: LOUT

12 Tramcar filler: ORE

13 Source of blowups: TNT

21 "Fat chance": IBET

22 Future stallion: COLT

25 "Tennessee's Partner" story writer: HARTE

26 Racing family name: UNSER

27 PC abort key: ESC

28 Rule of __: THUMB

29 Put on quite an act: EMOTE

30 Large chamber group: NONET

31 Monopoly token since Mar., 2017: TREX

32 Transition point: CUSP

36 Rolling in dough: AFFLUENT

38 MacLaren's on "How I Met Your Mother," e.g.: BAR

41 Holder of oats: FEEDBAG

42 Drink with a polar bear mascot: ICEE

44 Jenny's mate: JACKASS

45 Post-CrossFit woe: ACHE

48 Tracked down: TRACED

49 Checkers cry: KINGME

52 Atoll barrier: REEF

53 Zigzagged: WOVE

54 "When you're right, you're right!": AMEN

55 Caspian Sea land: IRAN

56 Geeky type: NERD

57 Places with elliptical trainers: GYMS

58 Dept. that includes the TSA: DHS

59 Old Faithful's st.: WYO

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