LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 27 November 2021

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Los Angeles Times 27 November 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 27 November 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Wild way to go: BANANAS

8 Holds up: STYMIES

15 Suggestive comment to a nearby lover: IMALONE

16 Overseas play area? THEATRE

17 Bad mark: DEMERIT

18 Enters gingerly: EASESIN

19 Wields: EXERTS

20 __ party: PITY

21 "There's more, right?": AND

22 Monk famed for his unorthodox piano playing: THELONIOUS

25 Samantha Bee's network: TBS

28 Go very slowly: SEEP

29 Race on skis: SUPERG

32 Impressive six-pack: RIPPEDABS

35 Reminder of a bad scrape: SCAR

36 "The Simpsons" waiter first voiced by George Takei: AKIRA

37 Small seal: PUP

38 Aptly named subsidiary of American Eagle Outfitters: AERIE

39 Wrestler John: CENA

40 Common sense approach to determining authenticity: SMELLTEST

42 Blank state: TRANCE

45 Walk with effort: PLOD

46 Gossip, in modern parlance: TEA

47 Adoption site: CATSHELTER

50 Work the aisles, slangily: USH

52 Swizzle: STIR

53 Least common hit: TRIPLE

57 Orange liqueur cocktail: SIDECAR

59 Show the door: LEADOUT

60 Qatar, for one: EMIRATE

61 Fantasy beasts: DRAGONS

62 No longer green, perhaps: RIPENED

63 Working well with others: SYNERGY


1 Wait for: BIDE

2 Charging option: AMEX

3 Reputation: NAME

4 Heads-up: ALERT

5 View from The Hague: NORTHSEA

6 Palate cleanser at Indian restaurants: ANISEED

7 A concert may feature one or more: SET

8 HofbrÅ uhaus vessel: STEIN

9 To wit: THATIS

10 Finger-pointing words: YESYOU

11 Whitman who voices Tinker Bell in the Disney Fairies franchise: MAE

12 "No telling": ITSASECRET

13 Multi-instrumentalist McKeown: ERIN

14 Mail: SEND

20 Pinball component that keeps the ball moving: POPBUMPER

23 Vaults: LEAPS

24 Knock over: UPSET

25 Development site: TRACT

26 Hog lover: BIKER

27 Iron-rich potluck staple: SPINACHDIP

30 Up: RAISE

31 "Little Women" (2019) writer/director Gerwig: GRETA

33 Sanskrit for "life force": PRANA

34 One often cast in fantasy movies: SPELL

38 Leia's home planet: ALDERAAN

41 Hard-to-win game: LOTTERY

43 ER procedure: CTSCAN

44 Type of sale frequented by antiquers: ESTATE

48 Brought on board: HIRED

49 Chip feature, maybe: RIDGE

50 App buyer: USER

51 California's __ Valley: SIMI

54 Shoddy: POOR

55 Breather: LUNG

56 Modern artisan marketplace: ETSY

58 Poetic preposition: ERE

59 Church based in SLC, Utah: LDS

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