LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 27 October 2021

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Los Angeles Times 27 October 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 27 October 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Like many a basement: DAMP

5 Hold dear: VALUE

10 Breakfast companion? BED

13 __ vaccine: ORAL

14 As a companion: ALONG

15 Soup du __: JOUR

16 Big name in plant food: MIRACLEGRO

18 Reverse: UNDO

19 Also: TOO

20 G.I. entertainment often featuring Bob Hope: USOSHOW

22 Through street: ARTERIAL

26 Hollywood Walk of Fame symbols: STARS

27 Get duded up: PREEN

28 "Despite my best attempts ... ": TRYASIMAY

30 Bladed tool: HOE

31 Enjoyed the buffet: ATE

32 [as per the original]: SIC

33 First section of the "Divine Comedy": INFERNO

36 "That makes more sense": ISEENOW

40 Witticism: MOT

41 Big bang letters? TNT

42 Keep __ distance: ATA

43 Kitchen gadget: CANOPENER

47 Greek wraps: GYROS

49 Take the floor: ORATE

50 Unlike bikinis: ONEPIECE

52 Handicraft worker: ARTISAN

54 Something up one's sleeve: ARM

55 Jackson family musician born Toriano: TITO

56 Home with a between-floors entrance ... and what can be found on puzzle rows 3, 6, 8 and 10? SPLITLEVEL

62 Smooth (out): EVEN

63 Events with kings and queens: PROMS

64 Shade of blue: NAVY

65 "__ Rosenkavalier": DER

66 Lathered up: SOAPY

67 Slush Puppie parent company: ICEE


1 __ PŽrignon: DOM

2 "Hereditary" director Aster: ARI

3 Deface: MAR

4 Missouri River feeder: PLATTE

5 Heroism: VALOR

6 Blonde beverage: ALE

7 Part of a cord: LOG

8 Like a mob scene: UNRULY

9 They might clash on stage: EGOS

10 Actress Helena __ Carter: BONHAM

11 Email program named after writer Welty: EUDORA

12 Half-asleep: DROWSY

15 Supreme Court figure: JUSTICE

17 Filmmaker Ethan or Joel: COEN

21 Davis of "Do the Right Thing": OSSIE

22 "East of Eden" brother: ARON

23 Sailing hazard: REEF

24 "Leave __ me": ITTO

25 Exist: ARE

27 Letter after upsilon: PHI

29 Helper: Abbr.: ASST

31 Payment before a deal: ANTE

34 Sentiment: EMOTION

35 Lures (in): ROPES

36 Concerning: INRE

37 Snitch (on): NARC

38 Chiwere speaker: OTOE

39 Used to be: WAS

41 Royal flush card: TEN

43 Like many candies: COATED

44 Get in: ARRIVE

45 Ramble on and on: NATTER

46 Amateur: NONPRO

47 Birth announcement word: GIRL

48 Sana'a native: YEMENI

51 One taking a fall: PATSY

53 Egyptian slitherers: ASPS

57 Mauna __: LOA

58 Little devil: IMP

59 Device that may be wet or dry, briefly: VAC

60 End of the day: EVE

61 Cleaning ingredient: LYE

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