LA Times Crossword answers Friday 27 September 2019

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Los Angeles Times 27 September 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 27 September 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Doing something: BUSY

5 Infatuated, old-style: SMIT

9 "The Goldbergs" actor George: SEGAL

14 Corner: TREE

15 First-rate: AONE

16 Hardly in the dark: AWARE

17 Really terrible wine? UNPARDONABLEZIN

20 Master's degree seeker's assignment: THESIS

21 Evaluate: ASSESS

22 Hosp. area for critical cases: ICU

24 Truck unit: TON

25 PreCheck org.: TSA

26 Focus word in a Scripps logo: BEE

27 Dad jokes? POPZINGERS

30 Extensive periods: EONS

31 "See ya": SOLONG

32 Pork cuts: LOINS

34 Beethoven wrote just one: OPERA

35 Academic growth: IVY

36 Indian silk region: ASSAM

40 Trumpet sound: BLARE

42 Mrs. King on "Scarecrow and Mrs. King": AMANDA

43 HUD financing gp.: GNMA

46 Hardware store window feature? DISPLAYADZ

48 Tanning line: RAY

49 Mag. listing: EDS

50 Some PCs: HPS

51 Kitty alternative: KAY

52 Pertaining to a heart chamber: ATRIAL

54 Facial feature named after an animal: GOATEE


60 Location: PLACE

61 Innocent, for one: PLEA

62 Keypad predecessor, in some cases: DIAL

63 Rent-a-car choice: SEDAN

64 Cabs and the like: REDS

65 Multinational range: ALPS


1 A/C measure: BTU

2 Caterer's item: URN

3 35 to 5, say: SEPTUPLE

4 Slangy assent: YEAH

5 "Teen Angel" or "Leader of the Pack": SADSONG

6 Sounds from the pasture: MOOING

7 Holiday places: INNS

8 English cuppa: TEA

9 Spicy condiment: SALSA

10 Farm moms: EWES

11 Summerhouse: GAZEBO

12 Out of bed: ARISEN

13 They can make things clearer: LENSES

18 __ scan: ID method: RETINAL

19 Soprani opposites: BASSI

22 __ facto: IPSO

23 Farm home: COOP

25 Helen's home: TROY

28 Kazantzakis title hero: ZORBA

29 Fabled mischief-makers: ELVES

30 Montaigne work: ESSAY

33 Yoga class greeting: NAMASTE

35 Greek rainbow goddess: IRIS

37 Charlatan's curative: SNAKEOIL

38 "__ pinch ... ": recipe direction: ADDA

39 Labyrinthine: MAZY

41 Disorient: ADDLE

42 Andean animals: ALPACAS

43 Dad's dad: GRAMPS

44 Italian Christmas: NATALE

45 Many: MYRIAD

47 Contacted, in a way: PHONED

49 Gobbled up: EATEN

53 Ancient Peruvian: INCA

54 Wind warning indicated by two red flags: GALE

55 Icelandic poetic work: EDDA

57 "Morning Edition" airer: NPR

58 Nuke: ZAP

59 Little League leaders? ELS

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