LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 27 September 2020

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Los Angeles Times 27 September 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 27 September 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Like some stressed text: ITALIC

7 Perfect pass: SPIRAL

13 Imp: RASCAL

19 Rattler commonly used in pairs: MARACA

20 University staying power? TENUIE

21 Mild, in Milan: GENTILE

22 Film with a feline baseball ace? PITCHPURRFECT

24 Not on TV yet: UNAIRED

25 Roy Rogers' birth name: SLYE

26 Ninja Turtles' ally April __: ONEIL

27 One end of the Chicago L's Blue Line: OHARE

29 Shattering grenade, to a GI: FRAG

30 Shunned the paper clip: STAPLED

32 Biopic about Frank from "Men in Black"? APUGSLIFE

34 Scraps: TUSSLES

38 Cookout glowers: COALS

40 Artist's asset: EYE

41 Clicked ballot: EVOTE

42 __ Martin: Bond's car: ASTON

44 AOL alternative: MSN

45 Flier to Oslo: SAS

48 Comedy about a lost mutt? DUDEWHERESMYCUR

53 Sports channel that shows college games: ESPNU

55 High-five, e.g.: SLAP

56 "Insecure" star Rae: ISSA

57 Not supporting: ANTI

59 Mets' slugger Alonso: PETE

60 Catalog: ASSORT

62 Greek vacation isle: CORFU

65 Essential: NEEDED

67 Film about a composing pooch? THEHOUNDOFMUSIC

71 Not alfresco: INDOOR

74 Year, to Yves: ANNEE

75 Sampled: TESTED

78 Deli order: HERO

79 Org. monitoring possible alien signals: SETI

81 Gillian's Emmy-winning role on "The X-Files": DANA

83 Settled: ALIT

85 Small egg: OVULE

87 Drama about organized disobedience at obedience school? THECANINEMUTINY

92 Frying pan spray: PAM

93 Mix masters, briefly? DJS

95 Vols' school: UTENN

96 Golf caddie, e.g.: TOTER

97 Help-wanted ad abbr.: EOE

98 "Me too": SODOI

100 Maria __, the last House of Habsburg ruler: THERESA

102 Film romance starring Puss? KISSMECAT

106 Like volcanic rock: IGNEOUS

109 "By yesterday!": ASAP

110 Clock __: RADIO

112 Long-legged wader: HERON

113 Chops: HEWS

117 Reeled off: RECITED

119 Film in which Fido wins a place at the Round Table? THEBARKKNIGHT

122 Unpaid debt: ARREARS

123 Pump part: INSOLE

124 Imitated: ECHOED

125 Flirts with: TEASES

126 Rose to great heights: SOARED

127 Hen holders: ROOSTS


1 Little devils: IMPS

2 Detective, at times: TAIL

3 Affectedly creative: ARTY

4 Shoestring: LACE

5 "__ bin ein Berliner": JFK: ICH

6 Holly Golightly's creator: CAPOTE

7 __ throat: STREP

8 Danger: PERIL

9 Changes one's tone of voice: INFLECTS

10 Québec street: RUE

11 With a bow, to Anne-Sophie Mutter: AICO

12 Beyond harmful: LETHAL

13 Goes back on one's word: RENEGES

14 Gasteyer of "Mean Girls": ANA

15 Put the kibosh on: STIFLE

16 Wispy clouds: CIRRI

17 Shaking like __: ALEAF

18 Pigeon's perch: LEDGE

21 Trusted adviser: GURU

23 Some, in San Salvador: UNAS

28 Courses for coll. credit: APS

30 Load: SLEW

31 Assure the failure of: DOOM

33 Since, in a seasonal song: SYNE

34 "Bill & __ Excellent Adventure": TEDS

35 Throat dangler: UVULA

36 Beverage aisle options: SODAS

37 It helps you get up: STEPSTOOL

39 "__ objections?": ANY

42 Horace's "__ Poetica": ARS

43 Last word of the most recent version of "America the Beautiful": SEA

44 "The A-Team" actor: MRT

45 Didn't dillydally: SPED

46 One chip, maybe: ANTE

47 Sought damages: SUED

49 Personnel staff: HIRERS

50 O.T. book after Neh.: ESTH

51 Brit's informal eatery: CAFF

52 One, on a one: UNUM

54 Fan at the game: SPECTATOR

58 Clothes line: INSEAM

61 "Lookee here!": OHO

62 "Anderson Cooper 360°" channel: CNN

63 Poetic tribute: ODE

64 Landmark '70s case anonym: ROE

66 Autobahn hazard: EIS

68 Censor's target: OATH

69 Together, in Toulon: UNIE

70 Eclectic magazine: UTNE

71 Chain with links: IHOP

72 St. Petersburg's river: NEVA

73 Originate, with "up": DRUM

76 A-listers: ELITE

77 Eats well: DINES

80 Theoretical visitors: ETS

81 Cacophony: DIN

82 Landers of letters: ANN

84 Banks of "America's Got Talent": TYRA

86 Ancient Dead Sea kingdom: EDOM

88 Something to chew: CUD

89 Yours, to Yvette: ATOI

90 Kramer, to Jerry: NEIGHBOR

91 Sun Devils' rival: UTES

94 Angry 54-Downs: JEERERS

97 Catches sight of: ESPIES

98 Down: SAD

99 Ear malady: OTITIS

100 Captured: TOOK

101 Take shelter, with "down": HUNKER

102 Fort Knox unit: KARAT

103 Rhone tributary: ISERE

104 Pelvic bones: SACRA

105 Bounders: CADS

107 Author Zora __ Hurston: NEALE

108 Went astray: ERRED

111 "Horrors!": OHNO

113 Greeting from Kermit: HIHO

114 Star features: EGOS

115 Put an edge on: WHET

116 Benchmarks: Abbr.: STDS

118 __ kwon do: TAE

120 Spanish "that": ESA

121 Cpl., e.g.: NCO

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