LA Times Crossword answers Friday 28 April 2017

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Los Angeles Times 28 April 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 28 April 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Smears: DAUBS

6 Warthog weapon: TUSK

10 Leave behind: SHED

14 __ de l'air: French Air Force: ARMEE

15 Bart Simpson's bus driver: OTTO

16 Vendor offering: WARE

17 Cool site? HIPADDRESS

19 Melville's "grand, ungodly, god-like man": AHAB

20 Like a Hail Mary pass: LASTGASP

21 "Animal House" rivals: FRATS

22 "Suicide Squad" actor Jared: LETO

23 TV fantasy drama inspired by iconic brothers: GRIMM

25 Post-run feeling: ACHE

28 Younger Simpson sister: ASHLEE

30 Mining target: ORE

33 Clutch: GRASP

35 DealDash offers: BIDS

36 Do a DJ's job: MIX

37 Press output: OIL

38 Android greeting? HIROBOT

41 N.C. winter hours: EST

42 Seminary subj.: REL

43 Former L.A. Laker Lamar __: ODOM

44 Capp chap: ABNER

46 "Speak" follower: ARF

47 Liable to spill the beans: BLABBY

50 Mediterranean hot spot: ETNA

51 Willow twig: OSIER

53 CPR pros: EMTS

55 Show tune that begins, "The most beautiful sound I ever heard": MARIA

57 "The Rock" (1996) setting: ALCATRAZ

61 Conductive nerve part: AXON

62 Congress taking some R and R? HILLATEASE

64 Wilder acting: GENE

65 Digging: INTO

66 Up: ASTIR

67 Whole mess: SLEW

68 "The Hunger Games" president: SNOW

69 __ pad: STENO


1 Oompa-Loompa creator: DAHL

2 Song from Strauss: ARIA

3 Frequent callers? UMPS

4 Apple Records founders: BEATLES

5 Swamp growth: SEDGE

6 Trunks: TORSOS

7 Sch. that calls the Sun Bowl its home: UTEP

8 New Eng. sextet: STS

9 Mayweather stat: KOS

10 Be like bees: SWARM

11 When the punch line hits? HAHAMOMENT

12 Part of Q.E.D.: ERAT

13 Society newbies: DEBS

18 Mining target: DATA

21 Gala gathering: FIESTA

23 Slick-talking: GLIB

24 Second shot: REDO

25 Prefix with 34-Down: AGORA

26 Town __: CRIER

27 Lonely banquet reservation? HALLFORONE

29 Its testing awakened Godzilla ... and what's dropped, facetiously, into five puzzle answers: HBOMB

31 Up: RISEN

32 More than expected: EXTRA

34 Irrational aversion: PHOBIA

39 "Spamalot" lyricist: IDLE

40 Loud cry: ROAR

45 Childish descriptor of a childhood friend: BESTEST

48 Loud cry: BELLOW

49 Where "It's fun to stay," in a disco hit: YMCA

52 Tendon: SINEW

54 Exit lines: TATAS

55 Money and Fortune, briefly: MAGS

56 Winter Olympics leap: AXEL

57 Adele, vocally: ALTO

58 Use a Yelp account, say: RATE

59 Words used for a spell? ASIN

60 Cold temperature: ZERO

62 Half a matching set: HIS

63 Place to stay: INN

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