LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 28 April 2020

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Los Angeles Times 28 April 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 28 April 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Disorderly do: MOP

4 Canadian capital: OTTAWA

10 River to the Severn: AVON

14 Sashimi choice: AHI

15 Investigated deeply: PROBED

16 Gossip columnist Barrett: RONA

17 Derelict in one's duty: LAX

18 1981 fantasy about thieves hopping through historical eras: TIMEBANDITS

20 Ensnare: TRAP

22 Hedgehogs and gerbils, often: PETS

23 Ski lodge mugful: COCOA

24 Story in installments: SERIAL

26 The Auld Sod: EIRE

27 Alternatives to teleprompters: CUECARDS

31 Stick-in-the-__: MUD

34 Channel covering Capitol Hill: CSPAN

37 Site with posts: BLOG

38 Green and brown garb, for short: CAMO

39 Many a millennial, now: THIRTYSOMETHING

42 The Beatles' "Abbey __": ROAD

43 Sicilian volcano: ETNA

44 Nickname for the MLB's Angels: HALOS

45 Quarterback Dawson: LEN

46 Patent pursuer: INVENTOR

48 10:1 or 5:2: ODDS

50 Poet Langston with a Spingarn Medal: HUGHES

54 __ wave: TIDAL

56 In the distance: AFAR

59 Gutter locale: EAVE

60 "It's taken care of": YOUREALLSET

63 No longer edible: BAD

64 A midi covers it: KNEE

65 Hebrew prophet: ISAIAH

66 State east of Wash.: IDA

67 Grub: EATS

68 Contribute to a GoFundMe campaign, e.g.: DONATE

69 Boxing count: TEN


1 Ice-creamy drinks: MALTS

2 Chicago hub: OHARE

3 "Inside Out" (2015) studio: PIXAR

4 Decide: OPT

5 With 47-Down, multitalented Broadway star ... or what's "veiled" in this puzzle's circles: TRIPLE

6 Heavy book: TOME

7 Help with a robbery, say: ABET

8 Halloween decor: WEBS

9 Cavity-fighting org.: ADA

10 Zeal: ARDOR

11 Phone message: VOICEMAIL

12 Suspicious of: ONTO

13 Artemis lunar program org.: NASA

19 TV maritime drama: NCIS

21 Captain Jean-Luc of the Enterprise: PICARD

25 Uncle's love: AUNT

26 Cube part: EDGE

28 19-Down network: CBSTV

29 Solo: ALONE

30 Like some clock numerals: ROMAN

32 "Sorry, that's not happening": UMNO

33 Pooches: DOGS

34 Key near Alt: CTRL

35 Adidas product: SHOE

36 Keyboard work for two: PIANODUET

38 Dead battery's need: CHARGE

40 Desires: YENS

41 "... wherefore art __ Romeo?": THOU

46 Doing nothing: IDLE

47 See 5-Down: THREAT

49 Challenges: DARES

51 Checking for messages, e.g.: HABIT

52 Dodge: EVADE

53 Police car, usually: SEDAN

54 Little fella: TYKE

55 New Rochelle college: IONA

56 Part of aka: ALSO

57 Spanish dessert: FLAN

58 Home of the world's six tallest buildings: ASIA

61 Assistance: AID

62 None of __ above: THE

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