LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 28 April 2021

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Los Angeles Times 28 April 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 28 April 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Kid around: JEST

5 Abacus unit: BEAD

9 Promote heavily: PUSH

13 Fever with chills: AGUE

14 "I do" site: ALTAR

16 "A Death in the Family" Pulitzer winner: AGEE

17 Word with head or meal: BONE

18 Supply chain intermediary: WHOLESALER

20 Public transit commuter's nightmare: BUSLINESTRIKE

22 Blow up: ERUPT

24 "ÀC—mo __?": ESTA

25 Some systems pros: Abbr.: EES

26 Mal de __: MER

27 Beaujolais, e.g.: RED

30 Bird on a court: LARRY

32 Access point indicator on many streets: MANHOLECOVER

37 Pretentious with a paintbrush, say: ARTY

38 Hindu teacher: SWAMI

39 "Mamma Mia!" group: ABBA

43 Have fun on a diamond: PLAYBASEBALL

46 Shopping __: SPREE

49 High-__ monitor: RES

50 Meadowland: LEA

51 Arg. neighbor: URU

52 Withdraw by degrees: WEAN

56 Make sense: ADDUP

58 Acting affectedly ... and, based on what can go with the three parts of 20-, 32- and 43-Across, this puzzle's title: PUTTINGONAIRS

62 Kind of fortitude: INTESTINAL

63 Copied: APED

66 __-do-well: NEER

67 Arduous jobs: SLOGS

68 "La maja desnuda" artist: GOYA

69 Old Norse poetic work: EDDA

70 Canadian gas: ESSO

71 Plant support: STEM


1 Poke: JAB

2 Alter __: EGO

3 Like one who got careless at the beach: SUNBURNT

4 Get set to drive: TEEUP

5 Scold, with "out": BAWL

6 K-12, for short: ELHI

7 Make amends: ATONE

8 Lowlands: DALES

9 Late-night TV pioneer: PAAR

10 Harder to watch: UGLIER

11 Catcher of the Golden Snitch, in Quidditch: SEEKER

12 Rejection of religious dogma: HERESY

15 Remainder: REST

19 Like an old joke: STALE

21 Houston MLBer: STRO

22 Stone or Watson: EMMA

23 Raise: REAR

28 "Frozen" snow queen: ELSA

29 Like morning grass: DEWY

31 Many an Omani: ARAB

33 Pre-release buzz: HYPE

34 Dry 27-Across, briefly: CAB

35 Minnesota congresswoman Ilhan __: OMAR

36 Gripping device: VISE

40 Hairless area: BALDSPOT

41 Veal cordon __: BLEU

42 Swim __: do one full pool circuit: ALAP

44 Lamb Chop creator Shari: LEWIS

45 Actor Morales: ESAI

46 Lying face-up: SUPINE

47 Spruced up, as a spruce: PRUNED

48 Groovy? RUTTED

53 Middle-earth tree creatures: ENTS

54 Deft: AGILE

55 They're forbidden: NONOS

57 They're boring: DRAGS

59 Trillion: Pref.: TERA

60 Scolds to death: NAGS

61 Too: ALSO

64 Set one's sights on: EYE

65 Beaver's project: DAM

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