LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 28 April 2022

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Los Angeles Times 28 April 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 28 April 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Top of the world? POLE

5 De __: actual: FACTO

10 Preservers of preserves: JARS

14 At any time: EVER

15 It's all in your head: BRAIN

16 Géorgie, par exemple: ETAT

17 Open to discussion: NEGOTIABLE

19 Wrapped up: DONE

20 None whatsoever: NADA

21 Deli sandwich with two vegetables: BLT

22 Burn slightly: SINGE

23 First player to make a slam dunk in a WNBA game: LESLIE

25 Maintenance: UPKEEP

26 Legolas, for one: ELF

28 Clock sound: TICK

29 Backs with bucks: FUNDS

30 Appeared: SEEMED

32 Osaka from Osaka: NAOMI

34 "In __ of gifts ... ": LIEU

35 Mix around: STIR

37 Shakshuka ingredients: EGGS

40 Concerning: ASTO

42 Drive-thru devices: ATMS

44 Chick tenders: HENS

46 Olympic swords: EPEES

48 Courteous acknowledgment: HATTIP

50 Maguire of ''Seabiscuit'': TOBEY

52 Put on: WEAR

54 "Riverdale" actor KJ __: APA

55 Campus job security: TENURE

56 Make beloved: ENDEAR

58 Worshipper in dreadlocks, informally: RASTA

59 Meadow bleat: BAA

60 Rose Bowl org.: NCAA

62 Neglect to mention: OMIT

63 "Way, way off!": NOTBYAMILE

66 Nix: VETO

67 "Easy on Me" singer: ADELE

68 Uruguay's Punta del __: ESTE

69 Place with a tree guarded by a flaming sword: EDEN

70 Black Panther's hat: BERET

71 Close securely: SEAL


1 Implement stored in a notebook's spiral: PEN

2 Tandoor, e.g.: OVEN

3 Revenue for attorneys: LEGALFEES

4 Eat into: ERODE

5 Org. in "Judas and the Black Messiah": FBI

6 One of Morocco’s official languages: ARABIC

7 Garment associated with the Aran Islands: CABLEKNITSWEATER

8 Lean slightly: TILT

9 Single: ONE

10 Warrior with a lightsaber: JEDIKNIGHT

11 Made things right: ATONED

12 Spans: RANGES

13 Hard to climb: STEEP

18 Aesthetic sense: TASTE

22 Ocean froth: SPUME

24 10-Across tops: LIDS

25 Sci-fi spacecraft: UFO

26 Subj. for some new immigrants: ESL

27 "Star Wars" general: LEIA

31 Option clicked during a Zoom call: MUTEBUTTON

33 Vaccination spot, typically: ARM

36 Kim __-hyung: full name of the BTS singer known as V: TAE

38 Start to make more money, and what the circled letters do? GETARAISE

39 Cutting sound: SNIP

41 Work with a score: OPERA

43 Fish with prized roe: SHAD

45 Place for a snail facial: SPA

47 Part of REM: EYE

49 Big concert venue: ARENA

50 Paired (up): TEAMED

51 Not remote: ONSITE

53 Make possible: ENABLE

55 Treasure stash: TROVE

57 High points: ACMES

59 Foreshadow: BODE

61 Resort near Snowbird: ALTA

63 Collar: NAB

64 "Is it soup __?": YET

65 Smoked fish in unagi nigiri: EEL

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