LA Times Crossword answers Monday 28 August 2017

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Los Angeles Times 28 August 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 28 August 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Plastering strip: LATH

5 Go here and there: ROAM

9 Performs a full-body scan on? OGLES

14 "Wonderfilled" cookie: OREO

15 Arizona county or its seat: YUMA

16 Decoratively patterned fabric: TOILE

17 Exploit a situation for personal wealth: FEATHERONESNEST

20 Decorator's asset: TASTE

21 Black & Decker rival: SKIL

22 Membership fees: DUES

23 Embarrassing shirt-pocket stain: INK

25 Range above tenor: ALTO

27 Textured overhead interior feature in some homes: POPCORNCEILING

34 Soup aisle container: CAN

35 Director Kazan: ELIA

36 Walk-on role: CAMEO

37 Feels remorse over: RUES

39 Sock away: AMASS

42 Works on a seam: SEWS

43 Identity-concealing name: ALIAS

45 Yr.-end consultants: CPAS

47 "The fresh air is delightful!": AAH

48 Large final loan remittance: BALLOONPAYMENT

52 iPod download: TUNE

53 Tofu source: SOY

54 Dating from: ASOF

57 Give the band a hand: CLAP

60 Brings in from the field: REAPS

64 Has little significance ... and to all intents and purposes, what the first word of 17-, 27- and 48-Across does: CARRIESNOWEIGHT

67 German steel town: ESSEN

68 "I've got the tab": ONME

69 Like some art class models: NUDE

70 Places for laces: SHOES

71 Call for: NEED

72 Shocked reaction: GASP


1 Artist's digs: LOFT

2 Flooring calculation: AREA

3 Drinks with crumpets: TEAS

4 Inside racetrack info: HOTTIP

5 Loaf in a deli: RYE

6 For you and me: OURS

7 Wild way to run: AMOK

8 Hit song from "Flashdance": MANIAC

9 Extra NFL periods: OTS

10 Ski resort transports: GONDOLAS

11 "In __ of gifts ... ": LIEU

12 Otherwise: ELSE

13 Sinks out of sight, as the sun: SETS

18 Therefore: HENCE

19 Couture monthly: ELLE

24 Beverage nut: KOLA

26 Personal quirk: TIC

27 Former "American Idol" judge Abdul: PAULA

28 Roger of NBC News: ONEIL

29 Volcano edge: RIM

30 Anti-discrimination org.: NAACP

31 "In other words ... ": IMEAN

32 Not experienced in: NEWAT

33 "Golly!": GOSH

34 Clawed crawler: CRAB

38 Like foods for a low-sodium diet: SALTFREE

40 Body wrap offerer: SPA

41 Comes out with: SAYS

44 Not worth a __: SOU

46 Camper's dessert: SMORE

49 On a single occasion: ONCE

50 Willie of country: NELSON

51 Watching closely: EYEING

54 Golf rarities: ACES

55 Beauty pageant band: SASH

56 Roughly: ORSO

58 Celebrity chef Burrell: ANNE

59 Fleshy fruit: POME

61 Isla surrounder: AGUA

62 Advanced degrees: Abbr.: PHDS

63 Staircase unit: STEP

65 State Farm's bus.: INS

66 Exchange rings: WED

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