LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 28 August 2019

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Los Angeles Times 28 August 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 28 August 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Renovator's protective cover: TARP

5 Not so exciting: HOHUM

10 Soak up the sun: BASK

14 "Dies __": Latin hymn: IRAE

15 Yoga pose: ASANA

16 Hatchet man __ Brasi of "The Godfather": LUCA

17 *Speak carefully to avoid offense: MINCEWORDS

19 Spoken: ORAL

20 2019 award for author Walter Mosley: EDGAR

21 *Yahtzee, for one: DICEGAME

23 Cry of success that can also be a sarcastic admission of failure: NAILEDIT

26 Ad-__: improvise: LIB

29 "__ won't do": THIS

30 Pinch pennies: SCRIMP

35 Post-op sites: ICUS

37 Not fooled by: ONTO

39 Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum city: HANOI

40 *Homemade song assortment: MIXTAPE

42 *Vocally imitate a drum machine: BEATBOX

44 Spoken: ALOUD

45 Poetry event: SLAM

47 Hatcher or Polo: TERI

48 Status __: SYMBOL

50 Forget to mention: OMIT

52 Report card bummer: DEE

53 Norse mythology upheaval used as the subtitle of a 2017 "Thor" film: RAGNAROK

56 *Lunch from home: BROWNBAG

60 Repairs: MENDS

64 Marshmallow blackener: FIRE

65 Kitchen guide ... and where to find the starts of the answers to starred clues: RECIPEBOOK

68 Discomfit: FAZE

69 Save a ton on the wedding reception? ELOPE

70 Not pro: ANTI

71 Sty feed: SLOP

72 Often __: half the time: ASNOT

73 Check signer: BOSS


1 Life partner: TIME

2 Dry as a desert: ARID

3 Tolled, as a bell: RANG

4 Pie nut: PECAN

5 Word after hee or yee: HAW

6 Spanish bear: OSO

7 Most challenging: HARDEST

8 Reversed: UNDID

9 Dinosaur Jr. frontman J __: MASCIS

10 Online journal: BLOG

11 General vibe: AURA

12 Take in: SCAM

13 Leafy vegetable: KALE

18 Middle of Q.E.D.: ERAT

22 __ Sketch: ETCHA

24 Blue-roofed eatery: IHOP

25 Fishing gear: LINES

26 Succotash beans: LIMAS

27 Without warmth: ICILY

28 Full-bosomed: BUXOM

31 "Out of the Cellar" metal band: RATT

32 Under the covers: INBED

33 Boxing legend Archie: MOORE

34 Impish fairy: PIXIE

36 Incomplete Wikipedia entry: STUB

38 "Becoming" memoirist Michelle: OBAMA

41 Add beauty to: ADORN

43 Mideast noble: EMIR

46 Scam that takes a while to pay off: LONGCON

49 __ Tar Pits: LABREA

51 Thick book: TOME

54 Irish speakers: GAELS

55 Meaty fare from a falafel stand: KEBAB

56 Closest pals, initially: BFFS

57 Tehran money: RIAL

58 Rice-shaped pasta: ORZO

59 Shed tears: WEEP

61 Pitching gem, in baseball slang: NONO

62 "i" pieces: DOTS

63 Hits the slopes: SKIS

66 Wall St. debut: IPO

67 Darling: PET

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