LA Times Crossword answers Friday 28 August 2020

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Los Angeles Times 28 August 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 28 August 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Quick blow: JAB

4 Weary worker's sigh: TGIF

8 Dives: PLUNGES

15 4 x 4, briefly: UTE

16 Six-ton predator: ORCA

17 Leopard spot: ROSETTE

18 ICU staffer: LPN

19 False claim about one's pioneer ancestors? WESTWARDHOAX

21 Taking courses? EATING

23 Crest box abbr.: ADA

24 Crafty: SLY

25 Medieval German spendthrift? PRODIGALSAXON

30 Honey, in slang: BAE

31 Zip: PEP

32 Lot choice: SEDAN

36 Wall St. event: IPO

38 Enforcer of some ACA provisions: IRS

39 Vague unease: MALAISE

41 Transmitted documents with Red Riding Hood's location? FAXEDTOTHEWOLVES

45 Bending movement: FLEXION

46 __ clear: ALL

47 Large receptacle: VAT

48 Nods, maybe: YESES

49 It was precious to conquistadores: ORO

50 Oliver Twist or Tiny Tim: BOY

52 Beauty treatment for poultry? CHICKENWAXING

58 Half-hearted: WAN

61 "There's __ in team": NOI

62 Laundry employee: IRONER

63 Big-screen entertainment for angels? IMAXINHEAVEN

68 Hurdle for srs.: GRE

69 First religious leader of his title to be called "The Great": POPELEO

70 Guy: MALE

71 Charlottesville sch.: UVA

72 Tools for some crossword solvers: ERASERS

73 500-mile race: INDY

74 Furry friend: PET


1 Derby cocktail: JULEP

2 For face value: ATPAR

3 Japanese takeout orders: BENTOBOXES

4 Many an off-campus local: TOWNIE

5 An Allman brother: GREGG

6 Suffix with robot: ICS

7 Budgetary excess: FAT

8 Fendi rival: PRADA

9 Seuss activist: LORAX

10 Amer. capital: USD

11 Bk. before Esther: NEH

12 Classic muscle cars: GTOS

13 Shorthand for unlisted items: ETAL

14 Alluring: SEXY

20 With 35-Down, papery construction best left alone: WASP

22 Filmmaker Lupino: IDA

26 Blacksmith wear: APRON

27 For fear that: LEST

28 Capital on a fjord: OSLO

29 Patricia of "Hud": NEAL

33 Tending to, as the loot: DIVVYINGUP

34 Like pirates, often: ASEA

35 See 20-Down: NEST

36 Uncertain: IFFY

37 Part of IPA: PALE

38 Midori in a rink: ITO

39 Gourd fruit: MELON

40 Piercing tool: AWL

42 Corner off. occupant: EXEC

43 Share juicy details: DISH

44 Fabled braggart: HARE

49 Dust Bowl migrant: OKIE

50 Dancing dinosaur: BARNEY

51 Kitchen gadget maker: OXO

53 __ circle: INNER

54 Pacific salmon: COHOS

55 Brandish: WIELD

56 Guts: NERVE

57 "That's what I'm talking about!": GREAT

58 Sanitizing cloth: WIPE

59 Latin love: AMOR

60 California tourist valley: NAPA

64 Kisses, in love letters: XES

65 Paris' __ de la CitŽ: ILE

66 "What __ missing?": AMI

67 FedEx fleet member: VAN

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