LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 28 August 2021

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Los Angeles Times 28 August 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 28 August 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Dangerous Beijing blanket: SMOG

5 Many an online host: PODCASTER

14 Unladen weight: TARE

15 Ephemeral emporium: POPUPSTORE

16 Biblical Rodin work: ADAM

17 Phenomenal: SUPERHUMAN

18 Business card abbr.: TEL

19 Honduran hands: MANOS

20 Filing aids: TABS

21 May birthstones: EMERALDS

23 Not as nice: WORSE

24 Pay equity concern: SEXISM

25 Word with social or media: EVENT

27 Muse with a lyre: ERATO

28 Classical theaters: ODEA

29 Brit's nap: KIP

32 Georgia neighbor: ARMENIA

34 Its capital is St. George's: GRENADA

37 Lille lily: LYS

38 Ostrichlike bird: RHEA

40 Industrial heavyweight: BARON

41 Deplete: USEUP

43 Economic curve: DEMAND

44 Brief aides? ASSTS

46 Precursor of today's musical theater: OPERETTA

48 Mackerel type: CHUB

49 Make short work of the test: ACEIT

50 Subside: EBB

51 "Point taken": THERESTHAT

53 Woody Guthrie, e.g.: OKIE

54 Like some feuds: HEREDITARY

55 Brief bio: VITA


57 River partly on the Poland-Germany border: ODER


1 Washington's features George: STATESEAL

2 Partied hearty: MADEMERRY

3 Deterrents to ghostwriting: ORALEXAMS

4 Treasure: GEM

5 Hammer: POUND

6 Not in favor: OPPOSED

7 Some charges: DUES

8 ER technique: CPR

9 He played Michael in "That '70s Show": ASHTON

10 Mary, Queen of Scots' house: STUART

11 Some memorials: TOMBS

12 Wipe out: ERASE

13 __ Zhengfei, CEO/founder of smartphone giant Huawei: REN

15 Church reading: PSALM

19 Cement mixer: MASON

22 Liturgy: RITE

23 Grate (on): WEAR

26 Lyra's brightest star: VEGA

28 Home to most of Hawaii's population: OAHU

29 Mr. Miyagi's charge, with "The": KARATEKID

30 "It's ok, you can trust me": IDONTBITE

31 Black-and-white Chinese native: PANDABEAR

33 More than displeases: IRES

35 Pulitzer Prize-winning critic: EBERT

36 Title: NAME

39 Earth-shattering: EPOCHAL

41 Person of interest? USURER

42 "Father of Eng. History": STBEDE

43 Exalted one: DEITY

44 Smarts: ACHES

45 Superheroine Adora, more commonly: SHERA

47 Rush drummer Neil: PEART

49 Alaskan island in the Eastern Hemisphere: ATTU

51 Lil Wayne's "__ Block Is Hot": THA

52 Household nickname: SIS

53 Ab __: from day one: OVO

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