LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 28 December 2016

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Los Angeles Times 28 December 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 28 December 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Specially formed: ADHOC

6 Circle components: ARCS

10 Set in stone, say: ETCH

14 Hiking map line: TRAIL

15 Western wine region: NAPA

16 Melancholic: DOUR

17 *Reasons for refinancing: BALLOONPAYMENTS

20 Top card: ACE

21 Iris layer: UVEA

22 Syst. with a Buffalo campus: SUNY

23 *Inconsistent nutrition plan: YOYODIETING

26 Spanish bear: OSO

29 "Top Gun" org.: USN

30 Iditarod racer: DOGSLED

32 Colo. setting: MST

34 Scat legend, familiarly: ELLA

37 Créme de la créme: ELITE

38 *With 41-Across, "How to Get Away With Murder" Emmy winner: VIOLA

40 "That feels amazing": AAH

41 *See 38-Across: DAVIS

42 Waits in traffic: IDLES

43 Support during exercise: SPOT

45 Give no stars to: PAN

46 Asian noodle dish: PADTHAI

48 One step __ time: ATA

50 Govt. aid for the disabled: SSI

51 *Marshall Islands nuclear test site: BIKINIATOLL

57 Arab bigwig: EMIR

59 Wild speech: RANT

60 GM's Mary Barra, for one: CEO

61 Proposal conditions ... and what the first parts of the answers to starred clues all can have: STRINGSATTACHED

65 It comes before one: NOON

66 Big name in beauty products: ULTA

67 Demi of "A Few Good Men": MOORE

68 Give for a while: LEND

69 December number: NOEL

70 "None for me, thanks": IPASS


1 On the defensive: ATBAY

2 Harsh Athenian lawmaker: DRACO

3 "Roots" writer: HALEY

4 It may be crude: OIL

5 Sun blockers: CLOUDS

6 A year in Provence: ANNEE

7 Knock on: RAPAT

8 Busy pro in tax season: CPA

9 Doesn't go along: SAYSNO

10 Steinbeck's "East of __": EDEN

11 Twins legend who was the first DH to hit a home run: TONYOLIVA

12 Director's shout: CUT

13 Appt. book slots: HRS

18 Like a lamb: OVINE

19 Made faces: MUGGED

24 Juice provider: OUTLET

25 Home of most of Sawtooth National Forest: IDAHO

27 Become established: SETIN

28 Some flowery works: ODES

31 Try to hit, as a mosquito: SLAPAT

32 King who turned his daughter into gold: MIDAS

33 Persevere: SOLDIERON

35 Vision-correcting surgery: LASIK

36 Computer support? LAP

38 Big shots: VIPS

39 Rubbish holder: ASHBIN

44 Contaminate: TAINT

47 BB shooter: AIRGUN

49 Teahouse mat: TATAMI

52 Hot under the collar: IRATE

53 Birth-related: NATAL

54 Former #1 LPGA golfer Lorena: OCHOA

55 Wolfish stares: LEERS

56 Veinlike deposits: LODES

58 Look after: MIND

61 Show with "Weekend Update" skits, initially: SNL

62 Tip of a wingtip: TOE

63 Pavement warning: SLO

64 Booking agent? COP

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