LA Times Crossword answers Monday 28 December 2020

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Los Angeles Times 28 December 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 28 December 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "Aladdin" monkey: ABU

4 Songlike piece: ARIOSO

10 Combat vet's affliction, briefly: PTSD

14 Daiquiri liquor: RUM

15 Side-to-side measurement: BREADTH

16 "In __ of gifts ... ": LIEU

17 It follows Thanksgiving weekend: CYBERMONDAY

19 Greek god of war: ARES

20 Cookbook maven Rombauer: IRMA

21 Sign of a sellout: SRO

22 Sudden pull: YANK

23 Wineglass feature: STEM

24 Time of the week for Mexican food: TACOTUESDAY

28 Part of 21-Across: ONLY

29 Baking chambers: OVENS

30 Gets on in years: AGES

31 Note after fa: SOL

32 Decked in a fight: KOD

33 Golf instructor: PRO

34 Seuss book about a weekly period with strange events, like an earthworm chasing a bird: WACKYWEDNESDAY

41 River, to Roberto: RIO

42 Earth-friendly prefix: ECO

43 Delivery vehicle: VAN

45 Like guitar strings: TAUT

47 Song of praise: PAEAN

49 Skin opening: PORE

50 Pre-Lent feast: FATTHURSDAY

52 "High Voltage" band: ACDC

53 Knighted Guinness: ALEC

54 "Not so hot": MEH

55 Hoppy brews, for short: IPAS

56 Hardly thrilling: BLAH

57 Time for Hawaiians to be laid-back at work: ALOHAFRIDAY

62 Misplace: LOSE

63 Pulitzer winner Lin-Manuel __: MIRANDA

64 Soccer cheer: OLE

65 Flock members: EWES

66 Marcos of the Philippines: IMELDA

67 Stitch together: SEW


1 Softball pitch path: ARC

2 Etailer's come-on words: BUYITNOW

3 Something held up in the rain? UMBRELLA

4 Shortstop's asset: ARM

5 Old Olds auto: REO

6 Actor McKellen: IAN

7 Likely, bet-wise: ODDSON

8 Begins: STARTS

9 "Silly goose!": OHYOU

10 Acts like the Almighty: PLAYSGOD

11 Angry outburst: TIRADE

12 Considered to be: SEENAS

13 Like evening: DUSKY

15 Victoria's Secret purchase: BRA

18 Sitcom award: EMMY

23 Plea at sea: SOS

24 East Asian capital: TOKYO

25 State openly: AVOW

26 Formally let go: CEDE

27 Corn servings: EARS

33 Indiana's state flower: PEONY

35 Supports after knee surgery: CRUTCHES

36 __ and kin: KITH

37 One of 28 Monopoly cards: DEED

38 Final Four org.: NCAA

39 Guacamole makings: AVOCADOS

40 Pre-moving driveway event: YARDSALE

44 Japanese chip maker: NEC

45 Soapmaking ingredient: TALLOW

46 Drill sergeant's "Relax": ATEASE

47 Heat at a race: PRELIM

48 Back from cruising, say: ASHORE

49 Red Sox star Big __: PAPI

50 Aesop creation: FABLE

51 MSG taste: UMAMI

55 Golden yrs. fund: IRA

58 "2001" computer: HAL

59 "Wait, there's more": AND

60 Med. device approver: FDA

61 Archery wood: YEW

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