LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 28 December 2021

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Los Angeles Times 28 December 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 28 December 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Whack with a folded newspaper, say: SWAT

5 Nile serpents: ASPS

9 Kama __: SUTRA

14 Number of Greek Muses: NINE

15 Owl's call: WHOO

16 Fireplace glower: EMBER


20 Contraption: GIZMO

21 The Stooges, e.g.: TRIO

22 Shailene's "Divergent" role: TRIS

23 Track on a DVD: SONG

25 What might be granted after begging one's pardon? AMNESTY

27 Triangular sail: JIB

30 Soft mineral: TALC

32 Secret advantage "up one's sleeve": ACE

33 Twistable cookie: OREO

35 Singer Anthony: MARC

37 Common sprain site: ANKLE


44 Big glitch: SNAFU

45 Captain Hook's right hand: SMEE

46 For experts, as a game: HARD

47 __-cone: SNO

49 "Doubtful": ASIF

51 Certain sib: SIS

52 Lustrous sheet fabrics: SATEENS

56 Treble __: music symbol: CLEF

58 Turkish military leader: AGHA

59 Bachelor ending: ETTE

61 Wake up: ARISE


68 Fable writer: AESOP

69 Take for a __: scam: RIDE

70 Musical pitch: TONE

71 Minuscule: TEENY

72 Prince William's school: ETON

73 Auto pioneer Ransom __: OLDS


1 Surprise problem: SNAG

2 Coffeehouse amenity: WIFI

3 1998 film with talking bugz? ANTZ

4 Swarms: TEEMS

5 Wheat bristle: AWN

6 Pony in a bar: SHOTGLASS

7 Destitute: POOR

8 Justice Sotomayor who swore in Vice President Harris: SONIA

9 "What did I tell you?": SEE

10 Latest in an endless series of occurrences: UMPTEENTH

11 Some ski lifts: TBARS

12 Convene again: RESIT

13 Like craft shows: ARTSY

18 Tooth anchor: ROOT

19 Capital of Italia: ROMA

24 "__ it": "Whatever you want": NAME

26 Sweet Sixteen org.: NCAA

27 Runs leisurely: JOGS

28 Steel, mostly: IRON

29 "Romanian Folk Dances" composer Bart—k: BELA

31 Espresso topper: CREMA

34 Winter at the Jersey Shore, say: OFFSEASON

36 Increase in loudness: CRESCENDO

38 Korean exports: KIAS

39 "Queen of QVC" Greiner: LORI

40 What means may justify: ENDS

42 Mystical old letter: RUNE

43 Bride's face cover: VEIL

48 Harry Styles' band, to fans: ONED

50 Dread: FEAR

52 1978 Peace co-Nobelist Anwar: SADAT

53 Concur: AGREE

54 The ones here: THESE

55 Mall unit: STORE

57 Corn chip: FRITO

60 Silly goose: TWIT

62 Cher or Adele, e.g.: IDOL

63 Beach cover: SAND

64 A mantis has five of them: EYES

66 Secret agent: SPY

67 Swampy area: FEN

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