LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 28 February 2017

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Los Angeles Times 28 February 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 28 February 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 __ New Guinea: PAPUA

6 Closest buddies, for short: BFFS

10 Cleaning cloths: RAGS

14 Three through nine, in many golf club sets: IRONS

15 On the sheltered side, at sea: ALEE

16 Old flames: EXES

17 "The Daily Show" regular Black: LEWIS

18 *In Hades, euphemistically: DOWNBELOW

20 Back to square __: ONE

21 Ballet skirt: TUTU

23 Every bit: ALL

24 BĂ©arnaise sauce herb: TARRAGON

26 Pearly whites: TEETH

29 Escorted by: WITH

30 *Puffy Chinese dog: CHOWCHOW

33 Where to find a sleeper hit, perhaps: BSIDE

35 Lascivious look: LEER

36 "Good point!": TRUE

37 "Raggedy" doll: ANN

38 601, to Seneca: DCI

40 Obstinate mount: ASS

42 East, in Essen: OST

43 Fishing poles: RODS

45 Leave out: OMIT

47 Actor Cary __ of "Kiss the Girls": ELWES

49 *Bovine yogurt brand: BROWNCOW

51 Part of a process: STEP

52 Adjust just a bit: TWEAK

53 "Way to go, sister!": ATTAGIRL

57 Hook shape: ESS

58 "Very cool!": NEAT

59 Where bovines graze: LEA

60 Pained expression, and a hint to two cries hidden in each answer to a starred clue: THATHURTS

64 Makes angry, with "up": RILES

66 German automaker: AUDI

67 Commuter's choice: RAIL

68 Popped up: AROSE

69 Fountain of jazz: PETE

70 Poet St. Vincent Millay: EDNA

71 Poked at, cat-style: PAWED


1 First sitcom episode: PILOT

2 Hockey venue: ARENA

3 *Auto feature that doesn't need a crank: POWERWINDOW

4 College, to Aussies: UNI

5 Per what was previously mentioned: ASSTATED

6 Mistreating: BADTO

7 Frilly addition to a skirt: FLOUNCE

8 "A __ Good Men": FEW

9 Capitol Hill lawmakers: SENATORS

10 Put back in office: REELECT

11 Rock singer Rose: AXL

12 Prefix with political or logical: GEO

13 NNE opposite: SSW

19 Failed, as a fuse: BLEW

22 "That's awful!": UGH

25 Divested (of): RID

27 *Head rest on a sofa: THROWPILLOW

28 Lawmaking body: HOUSE

31 Oil or gas follower: HEAT

32 Dampens: WETS

33 Stinging remark: BARB

34 Stifled laugh: SNORT

35 Long ride, for short: LIMO

39 Intolerably confident: COCKSURE

41 Put out bait, say: SETATRAP

44 Beau or boo: SWEETIE

46 "Sign me up!": IWANTIN

48 Relay race part: LEG

50 Trio member with Crosby and Stills: NASH

51 Metro stop: Abbr.: STA

54 Electrical pioneer Nikola: TESLA

55 Dodger Pee Wee: REESE

56 Zapped with a beam: LASED

60 Activate, as a phone app: TAP

61 Tint: HUE

62 Home security giant: ADT

63 "Cool!": RAD

65 Nest egg initials: IRA

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