LA Times Crossword answers Friday 28 February 2020

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Los Angeles Times 28 February 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 28 February 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Big divides: CHASMS

7 Vat sediment: LEES

11 Swindler: CON

14 Aid, as a fallen teammate: HELPUP

15 Munch Museum city: OSLO

16 Crazy Eights relative: UNO

17 Connected: ONLINE

18 Power of a Hummer? UTEFORCE

20 Greek group: FRAT

22 Discreetly, in slang: ONTHEDL

23 Enormous card revealed at end of magician's routine? ACEFORIMPACT

27 Form fig.: SSN

28 Fictional anchor Nessman: LES

29 Goes apace: HIES

33 "Your point being?": SOO

34 __ 51: AREA

36 The slightest bit: ATASTE

38 Tattoo depicting the last woolly mammoth? INKOFEXTINCTION

41 Avoids: SKIRTS

42 Muslim leader: IMAM

43 Carol contraction: TIS

44 Immobilize with a charge: TASE

45 "Moby-Dick" setting: SEA

46 Bullring bravo: OLE

47 Avian mascot on a refueling vessel? OILERCHICKEN

53 Three on a match, they say: BADOMEN

56 Ikea purchase: SOFA

57 Hotel employee who only works one day a month? IDESMAID

59 Acted greenly? REUSED

63 It usually needs breaking: TIE

64 1968 self-named folk album: ARLO

65 Stands in a studio: EASELS

66 Wrap up: END

67 Changes to green, say: DYES

68 Subject of a 2016 U.K. referendum, and a hint to five puzzle answers: BREXIT


1 Comic Margaret: CHO

2 Egg producer: HEN

3 The lot: ALL

4 Calvin's spaceman alter ego, in comics: SPIFF

5 Literature Nobelist Alice: MUNRO

6 Weapon for Goliath: SPEAR

7 Teammate of Babe: LOU

8 Legally prevents: ESTOPS

9 Justice Kagan: ELENA

10 Cymbal sound? SOFTC

11 "Friday I'm in Love" band, with "The": CURE

12 Saved, in a way: ONCD

13 Holiday song: NOEL

19 "Ah, I see what you meant": OHTHAT

21 Household cleaning brand: TILEX

23 Give a hand: ASSIST

24 Dolphins Hall of Famer Larry: CSONKA

25 Japanese mushrooms: ENOKIS

26 More substantial: MEATIER

30 "Will this work for you?": ISITOK

31 French star: ETOILE

32 Longtime breath freshener: SENSEN

34 Back to a mate: AFT

35 Dorm, briefly: RES

36 Gasteyer of "SNL" (1996-2002): ANA

37 Network for film buffs: TCM

39 Chocolatey Post cereal: OREOOS

40 Apple models: IMACS

45 Declining due to age: SENILE

48 "Grr!": IMMAD

49 Comic Denis: LEARY

50 Biblical mount: HOREB

51 "The bad news is ... ": IFEAR

52 It might have a champion: CAUSE

53 Sound __: BITE

54 Score after deuce: ADIN

55 Monopoly card: DEED

58 Mexican pair: DOS

60 __ roles: SEX

61 Inventor Whitney: ELI

62 Summer hrs.: DST

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