LA Times Crossword answers Monday 28 February 2022

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Los Angeles Times 28 February 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 28 February 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Taiwanese bubble tea: BOBA

5 Yawn-inducing: BANAL

10 Dull pain: ACHE

14 Racetrack shape: OVAL

15 Fruit whose oil is used in cooking: OLIVE

16 Onetime Ralston cereal now owned by General Mills: CHEX

17 Wine lover's prefix: OENO

18 Nine-piece combo: NONET

19 U. of Maryland athlete: TERP

20 Like civilizations that antedate written records: PREHISTORIC

23 Pigeon sound: COO

24 "SNL" alum Gasteyer: ANA

25 Armored vehicle: TANK

27 Tres menos uno: DOS

30 Pop singer's list of recordings, e.g.: DISCOGRAPHY

36 Traditional piano key wood: EBONY

38 Root for a luau: TARO

39 P‰tŽ de __ gras: FOIE

40 Covert ops outfit: CAMO

41 "Chopsticks __ fork?": ORA

42 Fey with nine Emmys: TINA

43 Part of BSA: Abbr.: AMER

44 Ponder (over): MULL

45 Hunger signs that hurt: PANGS

46 Sourced locally, as a menu: FARMTOTABLE

49 Vietnamese New Year: TET

50 Articulated: SAID

51 Tiny colonist: ANT

53 Reggae relative: SKA

55 Subtle element in a success story ... and what's revealed by each set of circles: SECRETSAUCE

62 Unseating plan? COUP

64 Avoid, as duty: SHIRK

65 Broadway event: SHOW

66 Adept: ABLE

67 One of the senses: TASTE

68 Joint above the ankle: KNEE

69 Greek B: BETA

70 "Oof!": YIKES

71 Abel and Cain, to Adam and Eve: SONS


1 Cutesy nose-poke word: BOOP

2 Mind-matter link: OVER

3 Scourge: BANE

4 Hawaiian greeting: ALOHA

5 Dwarf planting: BONSAI

6 Very much: ALOT

7 Barcelona boy: NINO

8 Declare: AVER

9 "Time to stop obsessing on this": LETITGO

10 Play a part (in): ACT

11 Official inspection spot: CHECKPOINT

12 One who comes to the rescue: HERO

13 Montreal MLBer before 2005: EXPO

21 "500" race, familiarly: INDY

22 Automobile: CAR

26 Tripartite commerce pact acronym: NAFTA

27 Pre-bedtime coffee, often: DECAF

28 President with degrees from Columbia and Harvard: OBAMA

29 Diver's rotation: SOMERSAULT

31 Dark beer: STOUT

32 Diane's "Cheers" co-server: CARLA

33 Colgate rival: ORALB

34 Depend (on): HINGE

35 Brewery need: YEAST

37 __ Rae, Sally Field role: NORMA

44 "Aw shucks" quality: MODESTY

45 Writers' tools: PENS

47 Apt "it's" anagram: TIS

48 Hanukkah pancakes: LATKES

52 Duties: TASKS

53 Wound cover: SCAB

54 Asian beef city: KOBE

56 Indian spiced tea: CHAI

57 Take a chance on: RISK

58 Art Deco artist: ERTE

59 "Hmm ... doubt it": UHNO

60 Ethan or Joel of film: COEN

61 Fleecy females: EWES

63 Podded plant: PEA

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