LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 28 January 2018

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Los Angeles Times 28 January 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 28 January 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Distinguished: ENNOBLED

9 One in on the deal? CARD

13 1984 Martin/Tomlin film: ALLOFME

20 Wetsuit substance: NEOPRENE

21 Feng __: SHUI

22 Causes of tots' tears: BOOBOOS

23 One of three presidents who served in 1881: JAMESGARFIELD

25 Dignitaries working abroad: CONSULS

26 Wife of Wang Lung in "The Good Earth": OLAN

27 Joke closing? STER

28 A fancy one may not include prices: MENU

30 Surprise from a lamp: GENIE

31 1983 Streisand film: YENTL

33 Scratches (out): EKES

35 It's just outside the Oval Office: ROSEGARDEN

38 Caveman Alley: OOP

40 Mich. NBA team: DET

42 Word on a fast food sign: THRU

43 "Billy Budd" captain: VERE

44 Kitchen gadget: CHEESEGRATER

50 Subj. for some newcomers: ESL

51 "__ to you, matey!": ERES

52 Thumbs-up cry: AOK

53 Biblical name meaning "hairy": ESAU

54 Cone filler: ICECREAM

57 Discipline with poses: YOGA

59 Sagan's sci.: ASTR

61 21st of 24: PHI

62 Fired up: GUNGHO

67 It measures rpm: TACH

69 Pennsylvania railroad town: ALTOONA

73 More achy: SORER

74 Private company paperwork: STOCKHOLDERSAGREEMENT

79 Some bar food: SUSHI

80 USA Today owner: GANNETT

81 Somme spouses: Abbr.: MMES

82 Move, as artwork: REHANG

84 Thumbs-up cry: YES

85 "Ozark" actor Morales: ESAI

87 Cartagena cat: GATO

91 Stop one's horse, in England: DRAWREIN

95 Envelope-pushing: EDGY

97 Half a dance: CHA

98 Passion-ate composer? BACH

102 __ trip: EGO

103 Certain sci-fi superfan: STARWARSGEEK

106 Dos cubed: OCHO

107 Pinup's asset: GAMS

109 Sold-out letters: SRO

110 79-Across fish: EEL

111 "Awesome!": THATSGREAT

114 Suffix from the Greek for "world": COSM

117 Role for Dustin: RATSO

121 King or queen: TITLE

122 Taunting word usually repeated: NYAH

124 Persian for "king": SHAH

126 Ostrich cousin: RHEA

127 The Beatles' last studio album: LETITBE

130 Unexpectedly changing one's attitude ... and what's literally hidden in six long puzzle answers: SHIFTINGGEARS

133 50-50 shot: EVENBET

134 Hendryx who was part of the "Lady Marmalade" trio Labelle: NONA

135 Alienate: ESTRANGE

136 Allergy symptom: REDEYES

137 Big refs.: OEDS

138 Aficionados: DEVOTEES


1 Fancy: ENJOY

2 Author Zora __ Hurston: NEALE

3 "__ is an island": Donne: NOMAN

4 Sandal feature: OPENTOE

5 Abbr. in home sale ads: BRS

6 Staying power: LEGS

7 Related on mom's side: ENATE

8 Literature Nobelist Walcott: DEREK

9 "__: Cyber": 2015 spin-off: CSI

10 "May I speak?": AHEM

11 King or queen: RULER

12 Quick denial: DIDNOT

13 Pie equivalent, in a simile: ABC

14 Canterbury commode: LOO

15 Half a strait-laced pair? LONGA

16 Witness: OBSERVE

17 Stumble, as a horse: FOUNDER

18 "L'ecole des femmes" playwright: MOLIERE

19 Reputed Dead Sea Scrolls transcribers: ESSENES

24 "Band of Gold" singer Payne: FREDA

29 Theater work: USHERING

32 Be outscored: LOSE

34 Alien-seeking gp.: SETI

36 Highland tongue: ERSE

37 Solzhenitsyn subject: GULAG

39 Passover: PESACH

41 Sam Spade type: TEC

44 Great Barrier Reef feature: CAY

45 Boo mate? HOO

46 Heart doc's readout: EKG

47 Guzzler on the road: GASHOG

48 Hard thing to get out of: RUT

49 Share on Facebook, as a picture: REPOST

55 Complete, in law: CHOATE

56 Paris's __ Rodin: MUSEE

58 "Right back __": ATCHA

60 Curtin castmate: RADNER

63 Asian menu assurance: NOMSG

64 Masters prog. entrance criterion: GRE

65 Female lobster: HEN

66 Uneaten bit: ORT

68 "There's __ of Hush": Herman's Hermits hit: AKIND

70 They can make things clearer: LENSES

71 Uno e due: TRE

72 Philip II's fleet: ARMADA

74 Bygone cartography initials: SSR

75 Third col., usually: TUE

76 __Kosh B'gosh: OSH

77 Female nonclericals: LAYWOMEN

78 Asylum seeker: EMIGRE

83 Shorthand pioneer: GREGG

86 Stitch: SEW

88 One may be high or low: ACE

89 With 104-Down, what bosses rule: THE

90 Wood used to age spirits: OAK

92 Preserves thickener: AGAR

93 "__ a date!": ITS

94 Buster? NARC

96 1914 battle river: YSER

98 Soft drink manufacturer, e.g.: BOTTLER

99 Get by effort: ACHIEVE

100 Exchanged texts, say: CHATTED

101 Emergency phone link: HOTLINE

104 See 89-Down: ROOST

105 Quietly show anger toward: GLAREAT

108 Disagrees: SAYSNO

112 Put on ice: SETBY

113 Sierra Nevada resort: TAHOE

115 Backed (away): SHIED

116 Parson's place: MANSE

118 __ of Glamis: Macbeth: THANE

119 Worsted variety: SERGE

120 Resting places: OASES

123 Rear: HIND

125 Cable channel for remodelers: HGTV

128 Queen's subject: BEE

129 French connections? ETS

131 Fourth notes: FAS

132 Miracle-__: GRO

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