LA Times Crossword answers Monday 28 January 2019

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Los Angeles Times 28 January 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 28 January 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Take it easy: LAZE

5 Cabo's peninsula: BAJA

9 Sheepish smile: GRIN

13 Cabinet dept. with an oil derrick on its seal: ENER

14 Immortal racehorse Man __: OWAR

15 What kneaded dough should do: RISE

16 "360°" CNN anchor: ANDERSONCOOPER

19 Bud: BRO

20 "How disgusting!": ICK

21 Gave medicine to: DOSED

22 "Uncle Vanya" playwright: ANTONCHEKHOV

27 Yoga posture: ASANA

28 Krypton or xenon: RAREGAS

32 Semester: TERM

34 Pea surrounder: POD

35 One of about 268,600 in Tex.: SQMI

36 You, to Yves: TOI

38 Hipster, and based on their initials, what each of 16-, 22-, 52- and 61-Across is? COOLCAT

41 Blender setting: MIX

42 Hubbubs: ADOS

44 Like Letterman's humor: WRY

45 "See ya later": TATA

47 Dugout seats: BENCHES

49 Put together, as equipment: RIGUP

52 "Appalachian Spring" composer: AARONCOPLAND

56 Lustrous bit of wisdom: PEARL

59 Tokyo's former name: EDO

60 When repeated, a Gabor: ZSA

61 19th-century steel industry philanthropist who built an eponymous concert hall: ANDREWCARNEGIE

66 Nod off: DOZE

67 Prefix with correct: AUTO

68 Dunham of "Girls": LENA

69 Snow transport: SLED

70 H.S. math subject: GEOM

71 Clog fillers: FEET


1 Becomes aware of: LEARNS

2 Explanatory comment written in the margin, say: ANNOTATION

3 British alphabet ender: ZED

4 Bard's "before": ERE

5 Title cop played by Titus Welliver: BOSCH

6 Came to: AWOKE

7 First mo.: JAN

8 Rainbow shape: ARC

9 Slots cut with a chisel: GROOVES

10 Fabric flaws: RIPS

11 "Got it": ISEE

12 Bookish type: NERD

17 Rock's Ocasek: RIC

18 Dumpster emanation: ODOR

19 Sheep bleat: BAA

23 Half and half: ONE

24 Agent on a bust: NARC

25 McDonald's founder Ray: KROC

26 Dove into vigorously, as work: HADAT

29 Stylish men's monthly: GQMAGAZINE

30 Parisian pal: AMI

31 Common dinner hour: SIX

33 Grass cutter: MOWER

34 Two-__ tissue: PLY

36 Restaurant bill: TAB

37 Poem of praise: ODE

39 Approximately: ORSO

40 Baseball rain delay cover: TARP

43 Like Capone's face: SCARRED

46 Up to, informally: TIL

48 Partner of hearty: HALE

50 Vote out of office: UNSEAT

51 Kiss in a busy store, for short: PDA

53 "Sweet!": NEATO

54 PC drive insert: CDROM

55 Buff suffix: OON

56 Footballer's shoulder protection: PADS

57 Hydroxyl compound: ENOL

58 Axe relative: ADZE

62 Happy tail movement: WAG

63 Billiards stick: CUE

64 Legendary seasonal helper: ELF

65 "Holy cow": GEE

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