LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 28 January 2021

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Los Angeles Times 28 January 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 28 January 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Two-mile-high city: LAPAZ

6 Numbskulls: BOOBS

11 Ate: HAD

14 Sister of Euterpe: ERATO

15 Satellite's path: ORBIT

16 "I __ you one!": OWE


19 Carried the day: WON

20 Brainstorm: IDEA

21 Spanish pronoun: ESO

22 Understated way to put it: MILDLY

24 Old PC display: CRT

26 City west of Hong Kong: MACAO


33 Scribble (down): JOT

34 Read (over) closely: PORED

35 Wind into rings: COIL

36 Look into closely: PROBE

38 Egg: Pref.: OVI

39 Suspends operations, with "down": SHUTS

40 European erupter: ETNA

41 Low card: DEUCE

43 Female antelope: DOE


48 La Scala locale: MILAN

49 Word with rolling or bowling: PIN

50 Slanted, in a way: ITALIC

52 Diamonds, slangily: ICE

54 Bar requests: ALES

58 A.L. East team: BOS


62 It may need a boost: EGO

63 Revered ones: IDOLS

64 Official Wimbledon timekeeper: ROLEX

65 Summer shade: TAN

66 Article of faith: TENET

67 Title feeling "beyond power of speech," in an "Into the Woods" song: AGONY


1 Son of Jacob: LEVI

2 Dry as a bone: ARID

3 Go back and forth: PACE

4 Include with an email: ATTACH

5 Wild place: ZOO

6 Clothing store department: BOYS

7 Estimate phrase: ORSO

8 Kimono closer: OBI

9 Classic fast-food sandwich since 1967: BIGMAC

10 Gift bearer, informally: STNICK

11 Polite greeting: HOWDOYOUDO

12 MP's quarry: AWOL

13 Disallow: DENY

18 Old-school: RETRO

23 Door securer: LATCH

25 Ready to pluck: RIPE

26 Soda order: MEDIUM

27 Rich dessert cake: TORTE

28 Building artisan: STONEMASON

29 Trampled: TRODON

30 Emphatic refusal: NEVER

31 Mountaineer's tool: PITON

32 "Is there something __?": ELSE

33 Photoshop image acronym: JPEG

37 Culinary herb: BASIL

39 Org. seeking far-out life: SETI

42 Playful prank: CAPER

45 Summon up: ELICIT

46 False appearance: FACADE

47 Dazed: INAFOG

50 "Yeah, sure!": IBET

51 __ party: TOGA

52 "Lost" setting: ISLE

53 Word before votes or shadows: CAST

55 Stitch's movie pal: LILO

56 Fifty-fifty: EVEN

57 Hot: SEXY

60 Long division? EON

61 Mexican Mrs.: SRA

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