LA Times Crossword answers Friday 28 January 2022

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Los Angeles Times 28 January 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 28 January 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Exhibit wanderlust: ROAM

5 Graceless sort: OAF

8 Settled things: DEBTS

13 Revolution site: AXLE

14 Church niche: APSE

15 Beethoven wrote just one: OPERA

16 Reason for a robot's knee trouble? JOINTRUST

18 Behind bars: CAGED

19 Figure (out): SUSS

20 "Gross!": ICK

22 Gratified: FED

23 Run things: MANAGE

26 Ad for a good cause, briefly: PSA

27 Japanese port city: KOBE

28 Yellowfin tuna: AHI

29 Drinking espresso before bed, say? NIGHTERROR

32 Orange County seat: SANTAANA

35 Tibetan priest: LAMA

36 Flushing problem? TOILETISSUE

39 Hang: PEND

40 Like beat cops: ONPATROL

43 Babe who never lied? HONESTRUTH

46 Greek X: CHI

47 Chances: ODDS

48 Vacuum's lack: AIR

49 Biological catalyst: ENZYME

52 Sgt., e.g.: NCO

53 Little mischief maker: IMP

54 Pen┼Żlope who is the only Spanish actress with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: CRUZ

55 Georgia rivals of the Tide: DAWGS

57 Mom and dad's rhythmic genre? PARENTRAP

62 Like many elephants: ASIAN

63 Former partners: EXES

64 Flow like lava: OOZE

65 Clown elevator: STILT

66 Source of early glistening: DEW

67 Low-level worker: PEON


1 Indian friend of Sheldon and Leonard: RAJ

2 Big name in kitchenware: OXO

3 Ring master: ALI

4 Organization name that means "table" in Latin: MENSA

5 Magnum __: OPUS

6 Animal in some fables: ASS

7 Amulet: FETISH

8 Park on the water? DOCK

9 Clean Air Act org.: EPA

10 Seek leniency: BEGFORMERCY

11 Amazonian arboreal snake: TREEBOA

12 Further down? SADDER

14 Longtime Tottenham football rival: ARSENAL

17 Pull: TUG

21 Popular adoptee: CAT

23 Miguel's more: MAS

24 Reaction to a light bulb turning on? AHA

25 GameCube successor: NINTENDOWII

26 Gp. with many of the best drivers: PGATOUR

27 Brat go-with: KRAUT

30 Like Beethoven's Sonata Op. 109: INE

31 Snow queen in "Frozen": ELSA

33 Eases, with "down": TONES

34 Helps out: AIDS

37 Acct. earnings: INT

38 Ranges of influence: SPHERES

39 Online entertainment: PODCAST

41 Omega, in physics: OHM

42 Fail to be straight: LIE

43 Pilots on the road: HONDAS

44 One might be doffed in Dundee: TAM

45 Muscular: RIPPED

50 "The Sound of Music" extra: NUN

51 "Tres Hombres" band: ZZTOP

53 Ain't proper? ISNT

54 Captain's help: CREW

56 Milk purch.: GAL

58 Let go: AXE

59 Anonymous plaintiff in a landmark case: ROE

60 __ dye: AZO

61 Home near a barn: PEN

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