LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 28 July 2018

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Los Angeles Times 28 July 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 28 July 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers



11 __ drop: MIC

14 Shakes on it: MAKESADEAL

15 Andean cash crop: COCA

16 Parents often limit it: SCREENTIME

17 GPS displays: AVES

18 Worn: ERODED

19 Dog in the Reagan White House: REX

20 Try: TEST

21 __ strength: TENSILE

23 Northern cruise destination: ALASKA

25 Yeshiva reference: TORAH

28 Works like Beethoven's "Ah! perfido": ARIAS

29 Lean, to sailors: LIST

33 1988 self-titled C&W album: REBA

34 "Wanna bet?": CANTI

35 "My mistake": ISTANDCORRECTED

38 Mark: GRADE

39 Cheek, in slang: TUDE

40 Zipped (through): TORE

41 Comedic honker: HARPO

42 Jam: STUFF

44 Western range: TETONS

46 Uncompromising types: PURISTS

51 Mideast carrier: ELAL

52 Took in: ATE

55 Written creation of Michelangelo: SONNET

56 __ lives: NINE

57 Unlikely to inherit the crown soon: LASTINLINE

59 1860s-'70s Black Hawk War combatants: UTES

60 Station: TRAINDEPOT

61 Basilica bench: PEW

62 Some squirts: YOUNGSTERS


1 "Ready?" response: IMSET

2 Mother-of-pearl: NACRE

3 Ohio university: AKRON

4 Exploits: DEEDS

5 "Over there!": ISEEIT

6 Super superior: LANDLORD

7 WV summer hours: EDT

8 '70s Mideast prime minister: MEIR

9 Jerry Herman musical: MAME

10 Amazon assistant: ALEXA

11 Makes one's residence: MOVESINTO

12 Rockefeller Center holiday visitor: ICESKATER

13 Discard: CASTASIDE

15 Large falls: CATARACT

22 Raises: ERECTS

24 Spike: LACE

26 Roughly: ABOUT

27 Strapped: HARDUP

29 "Chill out!": LIGHTENUP

30 Ancient Semitic language speaker: ISRAELITE

31 Begin again: STARTANEW

32 Polliwogs: TADPOLES

36 Vegas' __ Museum: NEON

37 Declining: REFUSING

43 Palm parts: FRONDS

45 Off-color: SALTY

47 Coastal feature: INLET

48 Wading bird: SNIPE

49 Purport: TENOR

50 Marks in margins: STETS

53 Leaf used in the dish laulau: TARO

54 Genesis character: ESAU

58 Begin to type? TIN

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