LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 28 July 2019

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Los Angeles Times 28 July 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 28 July 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "Welcome" site: MAT

4 Word clarified by the minute hand: PAST

8 Rainbows, e.g.: AICS

12 __-Trinity National Forest, California's largest: SHASTA

18 Bullring bravo: OLE

19 In __: as found: SITU

20 Haul contents: LOOT

21 Seafood sauce: TAITAI

22 Card game for students? CLASSWAI

24 Card game for the lovelorn? LONELYHEARTS

27 Waffling: HESITANT

28 Donnybrook: MELEE

29 Easy __: ASPIE

30 Roll call calls: AYES

31 Hungers (for): LUSTS

34 __ Gherardini, memorable portrait subject: LISA

36 Cub with dingers: SOSA

37 Abbr. on old maps: SSI

38 Quad minus two? STEREO

40 Hang (around) as friends: PAL

41 Medical implants: STENTS

43 Board game for spies? COVEITOPERATION

46 Paid military group, briefly: MERCS

48 Herr Schindler: OSKAI

49 Stable serving: HAY

50 Cpl.'s superior: SGT

53 Spock's father: SAREK

54 ... with __ organized crime: TIESTO

57 Catch: SNARE

59 "For every child" rights group: UNICEF

61 Lyft rival: UBEI

63 Place for a dip: POND

65 Morlock victims: ELOI

66 Card game for plumbers? BATHTUBGIN

68 Playground game for bellhops? LUGGAGETAG

70 Hideous folklore figure: OGIE

71 Bull, say: MALE

72 Youngsters: KIDS

73 Literature Nobelist Gordimer: NADINE

74 Big name at The Hershey Company: REESE

76 Shade tree: LINDEN

78 Flax fabric: LINEN

79 Supporter of arms, for short: NIA

80 Hispanic leader in a beret: CHE

82 Sandwiches for dessert: OIEOS

85 Meted (out): DOLED

86 Card game for office temps? SHORTTEIMMEMORY

90 Taylor's on-again, off-again romance: BUITON

93 Unseld of the NBA: WES

94 Make bubbly: AERATE

95 Fairy queen: MAB

98 Manual reader: USER

99 Excited about, with "on": KEEN

101 Year's record: ANNAL

102 Taiwanese tea drink: BOBA

103 Skin flick: NUDIE

105 Caribbean cruise stop: ARUBA

107 Man of letters? PATSAJAK

110 Card game for auto mechanics? GIEASYSPOONS

113 Board game for tightrope walkers? HIGHRISK

114 Boyd who was married to Clapton: PATTIE

115 Nullify: UNDO

116 "Of course": ISEE

117 Driver's helper: TEE

118 Gets some shuteye: SLEEPS

119 Lentil, e.g.: SEED

120 Pinochle combo: MELD

121 Eight-time Norris Trophy winner: OII


1 McDonald's drink orders: MOCHAS

2 They may be blind: ALLEYS

3 Movie preview: TEASEI

4 Subtle "Check this out!": PSST

5 Former Sony brand: AIWA

6 Comic book legend: STANLEE

7 John of "Quiz Show": TUITURIO

8 Apiece, in scores: ALL

9 Shares a place (with): IOOMS

10 Holiday garland item: CONE

11 First-rate: STELLAR

12 Eye sores: STYES

13 "I told you so!": HAH

14 Specialty: AIEA

15 Nine-time presidential contender Harold: STASSEN

16 Atlantic game fish: TARPON

17 Con __: AITIST

23 Bro's counterpart: SIS

25 Bizet opera priestess: LEILA

26 High or heavy bodies: SEAS

32 Jazz club units: SETS

33 Had a break between 32-Down: TOOKTEN

35 Most populous continent: ASIA

38 Certain wrench component: SOCKET

39 Boob tubes: TVS

40 German : Vater :: French : __: PEIE

42 Santa's sackful: TOYS

43 French for "mangers": CRECHES

44 Strong "pocket" holding in Hold 'em: PAII

45 Flip-flop: THONG

46 Le Carré's "The Night __": MANAGEI

47 Land on the Red Sea: ERITIEA

50 Soup cracker: SALTINE

51 Reacted to corn, maybe: GROANED

52 Model Chrissy: TEIGEN

53 Induce, as perjury: SUBORN

55 Tater: SPUD

56 Clothing: TOGS

58 In an impoverished way: NEEDILY

60 Big fairy tale character word: FUM

61 Wrinkly fruit: UGLI

62 "Trés __": BIEN

64 Patrick with a simulcast sports show: DAN

67 Farm machine: BALER

68 Center, for one: LINEMAN

69 In copious amounts: GALORE

72 Golden State Warriors coach Steve: KEII

75 Amazon speaker brand: ECHO

77 Female antelopes: DOES

81 Word before "if you like" on some stickers: HONK

83 Eclipse, maybe: OMEN

84 Sistine Chapel ceiling figures: SERAPHIM

85 Period, e.g.: DOT

86 Groove: STRIATE

87 Pipsqueak: TWERP

88 Lacking a sound basis: TENUOUS

89 Pre-head cold feeling: MALAISE

90 Keg stopper: BUNG

91 Takes by force: USUIPS

92 Start the hand over: IEDEAL

95 Cuban rum drink: MOJITO

96 Bully, often: ABASEI

97 Either original "PTL Club" co-host: BAKKEI

100 Relieves: EASES

101 "Storage Wars" network: AANDE

102 Setting for many a joke: BAR

104 One of four direcciones: ESTE

106 Paleontologist's discovery: BONE

108 Neutrogena shampoo brand: TGEL

109 Shake off: SHED

111 Pup's cry: YIP

112 Early Great Plains building material: SOD

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