LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 28 March 2019

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Los Angeles Times 28 March 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 28 March 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Ancient gathering place: STOA

5 Warm place to chill: HOTTUB

11 "Waterfalls" pop trio: TLC

14 Medical breakthrough: CURE

15 Revolt: UPRISE

16 "That looks good!": OOH

17 Dict. label: ABBR

18 Not as nice: MEANER

19 Sine __ non: QUA

20 Impressive vocal quality: RESONANCE

22 Spew: ERUPT

24 Have a feeling: SENSE

25 Reason for a warm eye compress: STYE

26 Race town near Windsor Castle: ASCOT

29 Information to process: DATASET

32 "Sounds fair": DEAL

33 Berth place: MARINA

36 Greek cross: TAU

37 ChapStick target: LIP

38 Partners of tails ... and what's found in the answers to starred clues: TOPHATS

39 Doctrine suffix: ISM

40 The Stratford, in TV's "Newhart": INN

41 Pupil surrounder: AREOLA

42 Frost lines? POEM

43 Flatters: BECOMES

45 Masculine: MANLY

46 Cheats, with "off": RIPS

47 "__ always makes it better": Anne Burrell: BACON

50 Throat dangler: UVULA

52 Aboveboard: ALLOWABLE

56 Solder component: TIN

57 Caviar source: BELUGA

59 Morsel on a shellfish platter: CLAW

60 Anti-apartheid org.: ANC

61 Landfall for Noah: ARARAT

62 Word before and after sweet: HOME

63 Part of a snarky laugh: HEH

64 Approvals: YESSES

65 Terminal info: ETAS


1 Emotional trauma consequence: SCAR

2 Skin cream holder: TUBE

3 Poetic spheres: ORBS

4 Spray starch dispenser: AEROSOL

5 Likely to err, eventually? HUMAN

6 Hits theaters: OPENS

7 Vestige: TRACE

8 Spork prong: TINE

9 Finish, with "up": USE

10 *Italian pistols: BERETTAS

11 *A skeptic's wont: TOQUESTION

12 __-garou: werewolf: LOUP

13 Facebook option: CHAT

21 Safety feature at a trapeze school: NET

23 Scandinavian rug: RYA

25 Seasonal visitor: SANTA

26 Stage surprise: ADLIB

27 River with 37 bridges in Paris: SEINE

28 *Quaker Oats cereal with a naval officer on the box: CAPNCRUNCH

29 Retro phone part: DIAL

30 Conference room stand: EASEL

31 Tot's ache source: TUMMY

33 Social customs: MORES

34 Imitates: APES

35 Letter before sigma: RHO

38 *The Sunshine Skyway Bridge spans it: TAMPABAY

42 Grand style: PANACHE

44 Safflower __: OIL

45 Cut grass: MOW

47 Gets fuzzy: BLURS

48 Diet for some aquarium fish: ALGAE

49 Paint layers: COATS

50 Arches National Park state: UTAH

51 Hollywood crosser: VINE

52 "Oh dear!": ALAS

53 Ink smudge: BLOT

54 Revered Tibetan: LAMA

55 Farm females: EWES

58 "Blood hath been shed __ now": Macbeth: ERE

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