LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 28 March 2021

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Los Angeles Times 28 March 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 28 March 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 South American capital: LIMA

5 Cinnamon roll appeal: AROMA

10 Staff lines? MEMOS

15 Sit-up targets: ABS

18 Coolers that sound really cool: YETIS

19 Disgust: REPEL

20 Trump who had a cameo in ÒThe First Wives ClubÓ: IVANA

21 Lousy start? MAL

22 Start of a quip: WHENSHELISTENEDTO

25 Obamacare, briefly: ACA

26 Was a piece of cake: CAMEEASY

27 Like brackish water: SALINE

28 George OrwellÕs alma mater: ETON

29 Fiery felonies: ARSONS

30 Quip, part 2: MYRIBTICKLING

33 Approximately 2,200 pounds: TONNE

36 Series of natl. concerts: USTOUR

37 Quip, part 3: SIDESPLITTEIS

44 Remuneration reported in SEC Form 10-K, part 3: CEOPAY

48 Excessively expensive: TOOSTEEP

49 MLB statistic: RBI

50 ToÕs partner: FRO

52 ÒAnd so onÓ word: YADA

53 Perfect agreement: UNISON

54 Author Fleming: IAN

55 May, to Peter Parker: AUNT

57 Write: PEN

58 __ noire: BETE

59 Quip, part 4: ANDMYGUTBUSTING

64 Cell centers: NUCLEI

67 Trivial: PALTRY

68 Quip, part 5: KNEESLAPPEISSHE

74 Type type: PICA

78 Drift (off): NOD

79 AfghanistanÕs Tora __ region: BORA

80 ThievesÕ hideout: DEN

81 Knows about: ISINON

83 Cries of approval: OLES

85 Tee options, initially: SML

86 Pasta suffix: INI

87 How a college resident advisor lives: RENTFREE

89 Site of Kubla KhanÕs palace: XANADU

91 Quip, part 6: STOPPEDCRYING

93 Overly vivid: GARISH

96 See 14-Down: PAULO

97 Quip, part 7: HEIEYESOUTAND

103 Shabbily dressed: INRAGS

108 D.C.Õs Pennsylvania and Wisconsin: AVES

109 Rose hip infusion, e.g.: TISANE

110 Landlocked Asian country: MONGOLIA

112 FB upload: PIC

113 End of the quip: LAUGHEDHERHEADOFF

116 Class-conscious gp.? PTA

117 Jeff of ELO: LYNNE

118 Longtime senator Hatch: OIRIN

119 WhatÕs left, in Lyon: RESTE

120 ÒYou betcha!Ó: YEP

121 Feinted on ice: DEKED

122 Eastwood co-star in ÒIn the Line of FireÓ: IUSSO

123 Forest floor growth: MOSS


1 ÒThe Merry WidowÓ composer: LEHAR

2 Tabloid couples: ITEMS

3 Sal of ÒRebel Without a CauseÓ: MINEO


5 Greek counterpart of Mars: ARES

6 Fall back (on): RELY

7 Cosmetics company that began as Odontorium Products Inc.: OPI

8 Like some breakups: MESSY

9 Promising spot? ALTAR

10 Shuttle, perhaps: MINIBUS

11 Shot put and javelin: EVENTS

12 Got to the top: MADEIT

13 Can.Õs southernmost point is in it: ONT

14 With 96-Across, Brazilian city: SAO

15 First-class strings: AMATI

16 Symbolic food to bring home: BACON

17 Challenge for a language learner: SLANG

18 Fem. advocacy group: YWCA

23 DoesnÕt fill, as calendar slots: HASOPEN

24 New Haven alum: ELI

28 Jetson at the Little Dipper School: ELROY

30 Citi Field player: MET

31 Milk source: COCONUT

32 Letter before ar: KUE

34 30-DownÕs div.: NLE

35 Chill in the air: NIP

37 Theater memento: STUB

38 Actress Skye: IONE

39 ÒNo more procrastinating!Ó: DOIT

40 Ancient Qumran denizen: ESSENE

41 Piping, perhaps: TRIM

42 Company with a four-color lowercase logo: EBAY

43 Match site: IING

45 Big __: baseballÕs David Ortiz: PAPI

46 Mideast gulf port: ADEN

47 Yin and __: YANG

50 Party chaired by Mahmoud Abbas: FATAH

51 Russian capital: RUBLE

56 Original D&D co.: TSR

59 Warning sound: ALARM

60 The Himalayan monal is its national bird: NEPAL

61 Onion __: DIP

62 P.O. alternative: UPS

63 Epitomize: TYPIFY

65 Port letters: USB

66 Feeling of finality: CLOSURE

68 Fortune-filled fort: KNOX

69 ÒA Streetcar Named DesireÓ setting, informally: NOLA

70 Prime real estate? EDEN

71 Dele and stet, say: EDIT

72 Apt ÒcasinoÓ rhyme: IENO

73 Sassy sort: SNIP

75 Crucifix letters: INRI

76 Either of two filmmaking brothers: COEN

77 Uncommon blood type: Abbr.: ANEG

81 Slope: INCLINE

82 Coerce: STRONGARM

84 Wise ones: SAGES

87 Blues-rocker Chris: REA

88 End of a Brigham Young address? EDU

90 Wedding __: DAY

91 Quieted, but often not quietly: SHUSHED

92 Opposite of COD: PPD

94 ÒMy performance was awful!Ó: ISTUNK

95 Elegantly groomed: SOIGNE

97 Smiling, probably: HAPPY

98 Text with an RSVP: EVITE

99 Sportscast staple: IECAP

100 __ Bo: TAE

101 Dual conjunction: ANDOI

102 Õ60s jacket style: NEHIU

104 Copland ballet with a hoedown: RODEO

105 At __: clueless: ALOSS

106 Natural talents: GIFTS

107 One way to play it: SAFE

110 3-D med. tools: MRIS

111 ÒOops!Ó: OHNO

113 Honorary legal deg.: LLD

114 Bit of bridge obedience: AYE

115 Um cousins: ERS

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