LA Times Crossword answers Monday 28 March 2022

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Los Angeles Times 28 March 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 28 March 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Composer of the "Brandenburg" concertos: BACH

5 Slack-jawed: AGOG

9 Flows back, as the tide: EBBS

13 Sci-fi visitor: ALIEN

15 Prefix for second or bot: NANO

16 Paneling strip: SLAT

17 WWII Russian battleground: STALINGRAD

19 "Piece of cake!": EASY

20 Big to-do: HOOPLA

21 Rooftop satellite fixture: DISH

23 Animation frame: CEL

24 More weird: EERIER

26 Joint covered by a bobby sock: ANKLE

28 Head of a manor: LORD

31 __ Howard, director of the film "Frost/Nixon": RON

32 Dull-looking: DRAB

33 Ostrich's kin: EMU

34 Responds to hunger pangs: EATS

35 Least common: RAREST

38 Rap genre: GANGSTA

40 Pisa's region: TUSCANY

41 Done in the factory, as training: ONSITE

42 Hairpieces: WIGS

43 Sleepy Van Winkle: RIP

44 Brewpub libations: ALES

45 Gallery hangings: ART

46 Concerning: ASTO

47 Multitude: HORDE

49 Mount Olympus country: GREECE

51 Earth-friendly prefix: ECO

52 Biblical kingdom near the Dead Sea: MOAB

54 Beethoven's "Moonlight," e.g.: SONATA

58 Latin god: DEUS

60 House with short staircases, and a hint to each row of circles: SPLITLEVEL

62 Moist and chilly: DANK

63 Lascivious look: LEER

64 Fancy cake layers: TIERS

65 Samberg of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine": ANDY

66 Gambler's chances: ODDS

67 First Bond film: DRNO


1 Boisterous party: BASH

2 Choir voice: ALTO

3 Turin "ta-ta": CIAO

4 Lent a hand: HELPED

5 "Life of Pi" director Lee: ANG

6 Floral exhibits: GARDENS

7 "We're broadcasting" sign: ONAIR

8 Many figures in the Marvel Universe: GODS

9 Language suffix with Japan: ESE

10 Ursine hibernators that might actually be brown: BLACKBEARS

11 Swiss city on the Rhine: BASEL

12 Subject for Vogue: STYLE

14 Cairo's river: NILE

18 Tells a story: NARRATES

22 Annoy to death: HARASS

25 Greek "i": IOTA

27 Agent pursuing a dealer: NARC

28 Toymaker with worldwide theme parks: LEGO

29 Arabian sultanate: OMAN

30 Hangs out (with): RUNSAROUND

32 Lab procedure required of many athletes: DRUGTEST

34 High regard: ESTEEM

36 Agitated state: SNIT

37 Keyboarder's goof: TYPO

39 __ the lily: overembellish: GILD

40 Goodyear product: TIRE

42 Trilled like a bird: WARBLED

46 Virgil epic: AENEID

47 Ibsen's "__ Gabler": HEDDA

48 Salty expanse: OCEAN

49 Stared in wonder: GAPED

50 Young horse: COLT

53 Norwegian capital: OSLO

55 Assert as true: AVER

56 Seagull kin: TERN

57 "What's more ... ": ALSO

59 It can be cloudy or sunny: SKY

61 Form 1040 org.: IRS

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