LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 28 May 2019

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Los Angeles Times 28 May 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 28 May 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Long sails: VOYAGES

8 Interrupt, with "in": BUTT

12 Unsightly sight: EYESORE

13 Christens with oil: ANOINTS

17 Frigid: GLACIAL

18 Game that's pointless for one team? SHUTOUT

19 Director Howard: RON

20 Sighs of pleasure: AHS

22 Like dad jokes: CORNY

23 Aberdeen resident: SCOT

25 Symbol on Nike stores: SWOOSH

27 Put a strain on: TAX

28 1980s sitcom ET: ALF

29 Junior in the Pro Football Hall of Fame: SEAU

30 "Love __ reason, reason none": Shak.: HATH

32 Volleyball court divider: NET

33 Half a matched set: HERS

34 Disturbed state: UNREST

37 Google alternative: YAHOO

39 MBA or Ph.D.: DEG

41 Villainous Vader: DARTH

42 Combo in the ring: ONETWO

44 Jagged rock: CRAG

46 Neither companion: NOR

47 Pawn: HOCK

48 Aviation prefix: AERO

49 It's not true: LIE

50 "Now I get it!": OHO

52 Leaves confused: ADDLES

54 Sushi ingredient: RICE

55 Tangle behind many a desktop: WIRES

57 Type: ILK

58 Circle div.: SEG

59 Teach bit by bit: INSTILL

61 "Here's the best part": GETTHIS

65 Lasting forever: ETERNAL

66 In plain sight: OVERTLY

67 Like hollandaise sauce: EGGY

68 Removed from power: DEPOSED


1 Chill (out): VEG

2 Olive or Castor of toondom: OYL

3 *The next one starts in 2026: YEAROFTHEHORSE

4 Natty neckwear: ASCOT

5 Cross the threshold: GOIN

6 Stat for Jacob deGrom: ERA

7 Actress who won a Golden Globe and an Emmy for "Once and Again": SELAWARD

8 Low opera voice: BASSO

9 Granite State sch.: UNH


11 Jackson 5 brother: TITO

14 Arctic spectacle ... and what the answers to starred clues have? NORTHERNLIGHTS

15 Sushi ingredient: TUNA

16 "Come Sail Away" rock band: STYX

21 *Rare medical service these days: HOUSECALL

23 Japanese electronics giant: SANYO

24 Concealing no weapons: CLEAN

25 Drop in on: SEE

26 Moo __ pork: SHU

29 *Exhibiting: SHOWCASING

31 Song syllable: TRA

35 Hard to read, facially: STOIC

36 Number of Chicago Cubs' World Series wins: THREE

38 Platte River native: OTO

40 Zeus or Ares: GREEKGOD

43 Authorized, briefly: OKD

45 Horace's "__ Poetica": ARS

50 Boo-boo: OWIE

51 Help for a stumped solver: HINT

53 Lulu: DILLY

54 Back in style: RETRO

56 Raison d'__: ETRE

58 Escalator part: STEP

60 Internet connectivity annoyance: LAG

62 "Killing __": TV thriller starring Sandra Oh: EVE

63 Land in l'eau: ILE

64 Australian airport code: SYD

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