LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 28 May 2020

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Los Angeles Times 28 May 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 28 May 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Barely enough to notice: ATINGE

7 Defib expert: EMT

10 Monopolizes: HOGS

14 Like a side view: LATERAL

16 __ cross: TAU

17 Playing a fifth qtr., say: INOT

18 Wayward one in Luke: PRODIGALSON

20 Partnership for Peace org.: NATO

21 "On the Waterfront" director Kazan: ELIA

22 Radio tuner: AMDIAL

24 Origin of new business, perhaps: REFERRALSOURCE

28 Open a crack: AJAR

30 California agricultural farm name: KNOTTS

31 City near Berlin: POTSDAM

35 Exercise regimen complement: DIET

36 Bagged leaves? TEA

39 Oscar category: BESTORIGINALSONG

42 __-mo: SLO

43 One-named supermodel: EMME

44 Flying biter, informally: SKEETER

45 Put forward with confidence: ASSERT

47 General vibe: AURA

48 Hypothetical evolutionary starting point: PRIMORDIALSOUP

54 Chew out: REBUKE

55 "Beautiful Girls" singer Kingston: SEAN

56 Pianist Gilels: EMIL

57 Click or cluck: ANIMALSOUND

64 Fit figure: SIZE

65 Semi-important part? CAB

66 Cross-reference indicator ... and directions to the link among the five longest puzzle answers: SEEALSO

67 "Now!": STAT

68 "That's odd ... ": HMM

69 Binge-watch, perhaps: STREAM


1 Skiing spot: ALP

2 La Brea goo: TAR

3 Skater Midori: ITO

4 Composer Rorem: NED

5 Playful criticism: GRIEF

6 Birdie topper: EAGLE

7 Extras on many Syfy shows: ETS

8 Chinese chairman: MAO

9 Ahi serving: TUNASTEAK

10 Bhagavad Gita believers: HINDUS

11 Studio sign: ONAIR

12 Did so-so in class: GOTAC

13 Took badly? STOLE

15 Place for a long winter's nap: LAIR

19 Fun time: LARK

23 Spotted pattern: MOTTLE

24 "Midnight Cowboy" hustler: RATSO

25 Once, once: ERST

26 "... __ quote:": ANDI

27 Pork cuts: LOINS

28 Emer. alerts: APBS

29 One of the Minor Prophets: JOEL

32 Makes a decent living: DOESOK

33 Close proximity: ARMSREACH

34 Played charades: MIMED

36 Add: TOTUP

37 Part of DOE: Abbr.: ENER

38 Tourist city about 110 miles from New Delhi: AGRA

40 "Deadwood" actress Jewell: GERI

41 12-time NFL Pro Bowler Junior: SEAU

45 Talisman: AMULET

46 Australian isl. state: TASM

48 Media attention: PRESS

49 Pay: REMIT

50 Spanish resort island: IBIZA

51 Green spaces: LEAS

52 Retail statistic: SALES

53 Get-go: ONSET

58 Setting for some war movies, familiarly: NAM

59 "THINK" sloganeer: IBM

60 Crew aid: OAR

61 Mod or nod ending: ULE

62 Intel-gathering gp.: NSA

63 __ PĂ©rignon: DOM

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