LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 28 November 2017

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Los Angeles Times 28 November 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 28 November 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "House" actor Epps: OMAR

5 Plant-sucking insect: APHID

10 Gala affair: BALL

14 Went by bus: RODE

15 Wear away: ERODE

16 __ Day VitaCraves Multivitamins: ONEA

17 Sunbather's spread: BEACHTOWEL

19 Spelling contests: BEES

20 Intended: MEANT

21 Lend support to: AID

23 Wrestling surface: MAT

24 "In case you weren't listening ... ": ASISAID

26 Like lambs: OVINE

28 Pat-on-the-baby's-back intended result: BURP

29 Cards to bet on: POKERHAND

32 Cut and pasted, say: EDITED

35 New York Harbor's __ Island: ELLIS

36 Penpoint: NIB

37 Tough problem: DILEMMA

39 Evergreen tree: FIR

42 Jelly beans, e.g.: CANDY

43 Waiting for customer support, often: ONHOLD

45 Brunch dish: HAMOMELET

49 Singer Fitzgerald: ELLA

50 Speak from the soapbox: ORATE

51 "Help!"-ful pot scrubbers? SOSPADS

54 Texter's "I'm shocked!": OMG

55 Down in the dumps: SAD

58 Glee: MIRTH

59 Movie "Citizen": KANE

61 Coupe-back contraption: RUMBLESEAT

65 Yet again: ANEW

66 "Ditto": METOO

67 Try to persuade: URGE

68 "Women and Love" writer Shere: HITE

69 What Buffy does: SLAYS

70 Lowly worker: PEON


1 Poet's planet: ORB

2 Stooge with Larry and Curly: MOE

3 Tracy/Hepburn battle-of-the-sexes comedy: ADAMSRIB

4 Proof of purchase: RECEIPT

5 Insurance giant: AETNA

6 Bit of expert advice: PROTIP

7 "__ about that!": HOW

8 It's in your head: IDEA

9 Cold-cuts seller: DELI

10 Songwriter Dylan: BOB

11 Iron-poor blood condition: ANEMIA

12 Womack of country: LEEANN

13 Withstood wear and tear: LASTED

18 Consumes: HAS

22 Wilde's "The Picture of __ Gray": DORIAN

24 German automaker: AUDI

25 Large, innocent-looking peepers: DOEEYES

27 VCR format: VHS

28 Batman player Affleck: BEN

30 Dutch airline: KLM

31 Red Muppet: ELMO

33 "My Cup Runneth Over" singer: EDAMES

34 Eat in style: DINE

38 Cholesterol letters: LDL

39 Instructions next to a perforated line ... or a hint to 17-, 29-, 45- and 61-Across: FOLDHERE

40 Afflictions: ILLS

41 Nutritionist's fig.: RDA

42 Camp bed: COT

44 Warms, as canned soup: HEATSUP

45 Pipe smoked in trendy bars: HOOKAH

46 Fashion designer Giorgio: ARMANI

47 Fridge sticker: MAGNET

48 Peppermint Patty, for one: TOMBOY

52 Farm facilities: SILOS

53 Opposite of post-: PRE

56 Hugging limbs: ARMS

57 Paces-and-pistols encounter: DUEL

60 Meadow mom: EWE

62 LIRR overseer: MTA

63 In the past: AGO

64 Boxing count: TEN

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