LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 28 November 2020

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Los Angeles Times 28 November 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 28 November 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Filtered messages: SPAM

5 Walk, e.g.: GAIT

9 Disreputable: SLIMY

14 Get sucked into, in a way: HATEWATCH

16 Choice word: EENIE

17 Certain charger: ACADAPTER

18 Opposite of apr├Ęs: AVANT

19 Director's cut, perhaps: RERELEASE

20 Discovery: FIND

21 It may be slashed: PRICE

22 Curiosity shop stock: EXOTICA

25 Tray opening: ASH

27 "Fake" salon service: SPRAYTAN

28 Tool box? SHED

31 Trenton Thunder, for one: AATEAM

33 Stop on the road: INN

34 Adulterate (with), perhaps: LACE

35 Bite harmlessly: NIPAT

36 Feet treat: PEDI

37 Japanese salad veggie: UDO

38 Aussie agreement: OKMATE

39 "__ sow ... ": ASYE

40 Low-fat, low-sodium regimen: RICEDIET

42 Noble title: DON

44 Got off the point: STRAYED

45 Religion involving ritual magic: WICCA

49 Possible swing result: MISS

50 Rare medical service: HOUSECALL

54 Stuns, in a way: TASES

55 "Terrible idea": ITHINKNOT

56 Pop superstar from Tottenham: ADELE

57 Smarts: GOODSENSE

58 Like contested divorces: MESSY

59 Villainous giggle: HEHE

60 Batik artist: DYER


1 Quick-witted: SHARP

2 Hoosier State NBAer: PACER

3 Gaming pioneer: ATARI

4 The '70s, in a Tom Wolfe essay: MEDECADE

5 "Um, what?" expression: GAPE

6 "__ way!": ATTA

7 Street fair treats: ICES

8 Term trademarked by Lakers' coach Pat Riley, even though the team never achieved one under his leadership: THREEPEAT

9 Spume at the shore: SEAFOAM

10 Joshing: LEVITY

11 Silly comments: INANITIES

12 Pleasurable diversions, informally: MINDCANDY

13 Still: YET

15 Dylan Thomas's home: WALES

23 Like the 1972 film "Fritz the Cat," originally: XRATED

24 Miss Hannigan's charge: ANNIE

26 Pocket square, e.g.: HANKIE

27 March VIP: STPAT

28 Sounds tipsy, maybe: SLURS

29 Was on Easy Street: HADITMADE

30 Oil spills, e.g.: ECOCRISES

32 Aspired: AIMEDHIGH

36 Lost one's cool: PANICKED

38 Hardly a quick jaunt: ODYSSEY

41 Whiteboard props: EASELS

43 1936 Olympics standout: OWENS

46 Clever: CANNY

47 Conclusion: CLOSE

48 Get to fit: ALTER

51 Chiwere-speaking native: OTOE

52 "I'm toast": UHOH

53 Toast, sometimes: SIDE

54 Flat-topped cap: TAM

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