LA Times Crossword answers Friday 28 October 2016

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Los Angeles Times 28 October 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 28 October 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Arafat's successor: ABBAS

6 City near Yorba Linda: BREA

10 Brief responses to common concerns: FAQS

14 Composer of a seven-movement work that excludes Earth: HOLST

15 Tach count: REVS

16 "... even now / __ myself to thy direction": "Macbeth": IPUT

17 "What's My Line?" comedian's craft brewery? SOUPYSALES

19 Sail support: SPAR

20 R.E.M.'s "The __ Love": ONEI

21 Heifetz's teacher: AUER

22 Present: HERE

23 Pop diva's fruit stand? BRITNEYSPEARS

27 City of northern Spain: OVIEDO

29 David and Bird: LARRYS

30 American Idol winner's amusement chain? JORDINSPARKS

34 In a blue state: SAD

35 Nile reptile: ASP

36 Corvallis sch.: OSU

39 Rapper's shopping center properties? BIGGIESMALLS

45 Equally speedy: ASFAST

48 Forest bovine: WILDOX

49 Guitarist's cash register company? STEPHENSTILLS

53 Collate: SORT

54 Film on water: SCUM

55 Toddler's drink: WAWA

58 Farm opening? AGRI

59 "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" comedian's flooring store? RYANSTILES

61 NĂºmero de Mandamientos: DIEZ

62 Frank of 1950s Broadway: ANNE

63 Basketwork fiber: ISTLE

64 Bone-dry: SERE

65 Hwy. crossings: JCTS

66 Jai alai basket: CESTA


1 "Understood": AHSO

2 Windfall: BOON

3 Symbol of happiness: BLUEBIRD

4 Had ambitions: ASPIRED

5 Mess: STY

6 Big name in coffee makers: BRAUN

7 Civil War signature: RELEE

8 __ other: alternating: EVERY

9 Sancho's "steed": ASS

10 Pole users: FISHERS

11 Materialize: APPEAR

12 Slate source: QUARRY

13 Burnout cause: STRESS

18 Squelched: SATON

24 Forest's 2006 Oscar-winning role: IDI

25 35mm camera option: SLR

26 Where the Indus flows: Abbr.: PAK

27 IHOP orders: OJS

28 U.S. news source since 1942: VOA

31 Slump: SAG

32 Tire pressure meas.: PSI

33 Parody: APE

36 Veterans of the briny: OLDSALTS

37 __-pitch: SLO

38 Steel giant, as it was known from 1986-2001: USX

39 Cleanse spiritually: BAPTIZE

40 Book ending: ISH

41 Co. merged into Verizon: GTE

42 Moves in a school: SWIMS

43 .001 of an inch: MIL

44 Omniscient: ALLWISE

45 Syrian ruling family: ASSADS

46 Cheap smoke: STOGIE

47 "Cyrano de Bergerac" Best Actor (1950): FERRER

50 "Bye Bye Bye" band: NSYNC

51 Meager: SCANT

52 iPod contents: TUNES

56 Shoemaker's strip: WELT

57 Where to find: ASEA

59 British rule in India: RAJ

60 Hold 'em tell, maybe: TIC

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