LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 28 October 2020

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Los Angeles Times 28 October 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 28 October 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Word with support or enemy: ARCH

5 Dance wildly: MOSH

9 Miller's salesman: LOMAN

14 Princess loved by Hercules: IOLE

15 "Have __ Right?": Honeycombs hit of 1964: ITHE

16 Maine town on the Penobscot: ORONO

17 Graceful swimmer: SWAN

18 Tommy Dorsey, e.g.: TROMBONIST

20 Bonny one: LASS

21 Paving supply: TAR

22 How silverware is often sold: ASASET

23 USN rank: ENS

24 __ man: BEST

25 Agree to less: SETTLE

26 Word with more or less: THAN

28 Tabled, for now: ONICE

30 Bernie Taupin's forte: LYRICS

32 Flor del amor: ROSA

33 Face on a fin: ABE

36 Car with a tri-shield logo: BUICK

37 IRA options: CDS

38 Shell lining: NACRE

40 Like give and take: Abbr.: OPP

41 Tony Hillerman detective Jim: CHEE

43 Like year-end financials: ANNUAL

44 Utter: SHEER

45 Navy Midshipmen's mascot Bill, e.g.: GOAT

46 Coffeehouse orders: MOCHAS

49 Either "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs" filmmaker: COEN

51 Obamacare, briefly: ACA

54 Sci-fi invaders: ALIENS

55 Hogwarts mail carrier: OWL

56 "Riiiight!": IBET

57 Flowerlike marine animal: SEAANEMONE

59 Knucklehead: DODO

60 Spot for a pot: STOVE

61 Barely gets (by): EKES

62 Bakery fixture: OVEN

63 Stand in a studio: EASEL

64 Ukr. and Est., once: SSRS

65 News article intro: LEDE


1 Chapel divider: AISLE

2 Martin's TV partner: ROWAN

3 School outing: CLASSTRIP

4 Little chicken tenders? HENS

5 Snowsuit clip-ons: MITTENS

6 Others, in Tabasco: OTRAS

7 Griddle tenders: SHORTORDERCOOKS

8 Verbal hesitation: HEM

9 One in danger of going off: LOOSECANNON

10 Richly decorated: ORNATE

11 Humid, say: MOIST

12 First name in photography: ANSEL

13 Dark time in Pisa: NOTTE

19 Foundation for an argument: BASIS

24 Unofficial means of communication: BACKCHANNEL

27 Juice box brand: HIC

29 Turndowns: NOS

30 WSJ news item: LBO

31 "Sho' 'nuf": YUP

33 Superior to ... and what can go with the starts of 3-, 7-, 9- and 24-Down: ACUTABOVE

34 Maidenform product: BRA

35 Slithery swimmer: EEL

37 Head of Cuba? CEE

39 Prefix with -gram: ANA

42 "Steppenwolf" author Hermann: HESSE

43 Forever young, it seems: AGELESS

44 Bundle on the farm: SHEAVE

46 Tricky pool shot: MASSE

47 "Get Here" singer Adams: OLETA

48 Torino farewells: CIAOS

50 One with a deed: OWNER

52 Gave up formally: CEDED

53 Observe Yom Kippur: ATONE

56 Object of adoration: IDOL

58 Abril, por ejemplo: MES

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