LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 28 October 2021

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Los Angeles Times 28 October 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 28 October 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Lose it: GOMAD

6 Winner of 22 Grand Slam singles titles, second-most in the Open Era: GRAF

10 Not talk, with "up": CLAM

14 Gulf State native: OMANI

15 Jedi who lived to be 900: YODA

16 Dance with a chair: HORA

17 Ice shelf breakaways: BERGS

18 Relaxing melodies: MOODMUSIC

20 Retiree's investment goal: INCOMESTREAM

22 __4: Toyota SUV: RAV

23 Happy eating word: NOM

24 ABC early show, briefly: GMA

27 Wandered: STRAYED

31 Eclipse shadows: UMBRAS

33 Kung __ shrimp: PAO

34 Performers in cages: LIONTAMERS

37 River in the Congo: EBOLA

40 Female in a field: EWE

41 Loyal subject: LIEGE

42 Cornell's "Far Above Cayuga's Waters" and others: ALMAMATERS

45 Hobbyist's buy: KIT

46 It often follows a crash: REBOOT

47 Overthrows: DEPOSES

50 Federal benefits org. founded under FDR: SSA

51 Hit hard: RAM

53 Write "ere" for this answer, say: ERR

54 "Mona Lisa" and "Guernica" ... and, in a different way, the last words of 20-, 34- and 42-Across: MASTERPIECES

60 Debate provision: EQUALTIME

63 Spice native to Indonesia: CLOVE

64 Hide in the shadows, say: LURK

65 "Garfield" dog: ODIE

66 Southend-on-Sea's county: ESSEX

67 Movie "Citizen": KANE

68 Parallel __: PARK

69 Snookums: DEARY


1 East Asian desert: GOBI

2 It can be a good sign: OMEN

3 Designer Jacobs: MARC

4 Wool from a rabbit: ANGORA

5 Sudden loss of courage: DISMAY

6 Where to see rats and reps: GYMS

7 Cheer: ROOT

8 Fancify: ADORN

9 What many pop songs end with: FADEOUT

10 Buddy: CHUM

11 __ Altos, California: LOS

12 Jackie's second: ARI

13 Big __: MAC

19 Me or you or a dog named Boo: MAMMAL

21 Daredevil Knievel: EVEL

24 Early Olympians: GREEKS

25 Name related to Peggy: MARGIE

26 Gems, for example: ASSETS

27 Pickles on a plate, often: SPEARS

28 Puts on hold, as an agenda item: TABLES

29 Wandering vacuum: ROOMBA

30 What you eat: DIET

32 Fat meas.: BMI

35 Part of IOU: OWE

36 Uncool one who lately is sort of cool: NERD

38 Philosopher __-tzu: LAO

39 Seeing no evil? AMORAL

43 Not moving: ATASTOP

44 Flow slowly: SEEP

48 Having a tag on it, maybe: PRICED

49 Unsettling closing words: ORELSE

52 Site of the Cave of Zeus, in myth: Abbr.: MTIDA

54 Put together: MAKE

55 Kuwaiti ruler: EMIR

56 Give a strong impression (of): REEK

57 __ Nostra: COSA

58 Even one time: EVER

59 Like some knockouts: SEXY

60 Rockies bugler: ELK

61 Sine __ non: QUA

62 Coffee hour sight: URN

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