LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 28 September 2017

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Los Angeles Times 28 September 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 28 September 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Historic spans: ERAS

5 2012 World Series MVP Sandoval: PABLO

10 FiveThirtyEight fodder: DATA

14 Ristorante bottle: VINO

15 "Let's call it __": "We're even": ADRAW

16 Spring flower: IRIS

17 Disney CEO since 2005: IGER

18 Small, silvery Chesapeake Bay swimmer: WHITEPERCH

20 See 34-Across: COMEANDGETIT

22 Experiment: TRIAL

23 See 34-Across: SOUPSON

27 National Lampoon writer, typically: SATIRIST

31 Old West gunslinger Jack: SLADE

32 Hand over: CEDE

33 State with conviction: AVOW

34 Clue for 20-, 23-, 48- and 52-Across: TIMEFORDINNER

40 Spray holder: VASE

41 Casino game: FARO

42 __ acids: protein components: AMINO

44 Fireproofing construction mineral banned in many countries: ASBESTOS

48 See 34-Across: LETSEAT

50 Bit of land: ISLET

52 See 34-Across: SUPPERSREADY

56 Boneless seafood cut: FISHFILLET

59 Nonstick cookware brand: TFAL

60 Reverberate: ECHO

61 Chips go-with: SALSA

62 Online page: SITE

63 Profound: DEEP

64 Owner of Regency hotels: HYATT

65 At any point: EVER


1 Kick out: EVICT

2 Hardships: RIGORS

3 Iron deficiency concern: ANEMIA

4 Upset with: SOREAT

5 Chess piece that may be promoted: PAWN

6 Condition treated by Ritalin, briefly: ADHD

7 Sailor's jail: BRIG

8 Most recent: LATEST

9 Have financing from: OWETO

10 Jenny Craig offering: DIETPLAN

11 LAX incoming flight: ARR

12 Muscle spasm: TIC

13 Volcanic output: ASH

19 __ XIII: Title role in "The Young Pope": PIUS

21 Pulitzer winner Walker: ALICE

24 File menu command: SAVE

25 Aroma: ODOR

26 Just announced: NEW

28 Two-legged zebra: REF

29 Swear words: IDO

30 Feudal workers: SERFS

34 Hardly envelope-pushing: TAME

35 "Do you really think so?": ISIT

36 Haberdashery: MENSSHOP

37 Blot gently: DAB

38 Cork's home: Abbr.: IRE

39 Respectful negative: NOSIR

40 Kilmer of "Tombstone": VAL

43 Ingredient in une omelette: OEUF

44 Having fun: ATPLAY

45 Scary African fly: TSETSE

46 1380s Norwegian king: OLAFIV

47 Unruffled: SEDATE

49 Very silly: APISH

51 "House of Payne" creator __ Perry: TYLER

53 Frequent collaborator with Louis and Duke: ELLA

54 Take a nap: REST

55 Doc's "Right away": STAT

56 Nourished: FED

57 Sprain treatment: ICE

58 "Thar __ blows!": SHE

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