LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 28 September 2019

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Los Angeles Times 28 September 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 28 September 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Little more than a drop: THIMBLEFUL

11 Gossip: DISH

15 Simile for "luve" in a classic poem: REDREDROSE

16 "__ the valley of Death ... ": Tennyson: INTO

17 C.S. Lewis, for one: ALLEGORIST

18 High seas adverb: THAR

19 Declared one's innocence, say: PLED

20 Over and done with: PAST

21 Trio in H2O: ATOMS

22 Varnish option: MATTE

23 "I'm innocent": NOTME

24 __ Brava: Spanish tourist site: COSTA

28 Emailers, e.g.: USERS

30 Bentley of "American Beauty": WES

31 Nadya Suleman, in 2009 headlines: OCTOMOM

33 No-frills flight feature: LOWFARE

35 Martial artist/musician Steven: SEAGAL

36 Straighten up: NEATEN

37 Instruments also called rumba shakers: MARACAS

39 Genetic identifiers: MARKERS

40 Connections: INS

41 Isabella I's birth city: AVILA

43 To the point: TERSE

44 Snake targets: CLOGS

46 Factor of diez: CINCO

48 More than just eats: DINES

49 Texter's "May I say": IMHO

50 "__ Before Chanel": 2009 film: COCO

54 Military group: UNIT

55 "Sgt. Pepper" collectible: ALBUMCOVER

57 Shakers, but not movers: SECT

58 Workers behind bars: LIONTAMERS

59 Deuce topper: TREY

60 Connect with by nailing, say: FASTENONTO


1 Yap: TRAP

2 Inferno: HELL

3 Not occupied: IDLE

4 '60s role for Bamboo Harvester: MRED

5 Entreat: BEG

6 Parkinson's drug: LDOPA

7 Post-printing problem: ERRATUM

8 Palms off (on): FOISTS

9 Company co-founded by J.P. Morgan: USSTEEL

10 Reason for a court replay: LET

11 Likewise: DITTO

12 Like a stereotypical cannibal captive: INHOTWATER

13 Claudius and Porky Pig: STAMMERERS

14 Stable judgment? HORSESENSE

21 Be called: ANSWERTO

22 "Dream a Little Dream of Me" singer: MAMACASS

24 Matter of space: COSMICDUST

25 Port-to-port connector: OCEANLINER

26 Scott Hamilton venue: STARSONICE

27 Cover-up in Nero's time: TOGA

29 Novelist Jaffe: RONA

32 Scandinavian patron: OLAV

34 Art buyer's concern: FAKE

38 Strait of Messina isola: SICILIA

39 It often follows a breakout: MANHUNT

42 Transitional situations: LIMBOS

45 Big name in oil: GETTY

47 Title in a Dumas title: COMTE

50 Lake of Lombardy: COMO

51 Spot for pots: OVEN

52 Marriage doc.: CERT

53 Roughly: ORSO

55 Loser to Franklin in '36: ALF

56 Spam holder: CAN

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