LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 28 September 2021

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Los Angeles Times 28 September 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 28 September 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Hissed "Over here, behind the sofa!": PSST

5 Notable Titanic casualty: ASTOR

10 Stir up: RILE

14 Latin "others": ALIA

15 Actress __ Neal of "Law & Order: SVU": DIANE

16 Give off: EMIT

17 Unrefined sort: BOOR

18 Trooper automaker: ISUZU

19 "Ooh, fun!": WHEE

20 Typically tricolored ice cream dessert: SPUMONI

22 Really tough, as tasks: ONEROUS

24 Either Bush, e.g.: TEXAN

25 Exhausts: DOESIN

26 Made to order: CUSTOM

29 Do penance: ATONE

32 FreeCell or Snapchat: APP

35 Sewn line: SEAM

36 Multilevel, as wedding cakes: TIERED

37 Auditioner's hope: PART

39 Barcelona buddy: AMIGO

41 Rig on the road: SEMI

42 Sounds from sties: SNORTS

44 Gaming novice, slangily: NOOB

46 Bambi's mother: DOE

47 Witty Wilde: OSCAR

48 Bad to the core: ROTTEN

50 Crowns for some queens: TIARAS

52 Andes or Rockies: RANGE

56 With 58-Across, salad fixings ... and what you'll find aptly hidden in puzzle rows 4, 6 and 10: CHOPPED

58 See 56-Across: VEGGIES

60 For all of us: OURS

61 __ curls: arm exercises: BICEP

63 Observes: SEES

64 Unmitigated joy: GLEE

65 Together: ASONE

66 Teen woe: ACNE

67 Bathtub bubbles: SUDS

68 __ Island Rams: Atlantic 10 conference baseball team: RHODE

69 Chai and rooibos: TEAS


1 Part of PBR: PABST

2 Slippery __: risky course of action: SLOPE

3 Iowa's __ City: SIOUX

4 Airport surface: TARMAC

5 Favorable score for a server: ADIN

6 Maria's ayes: SISI

7 Letter after sigma: TAU

8 Like many 2020 meetings: ONZOOM

9 Meet up in 25 years, maybe: REUNE

10 Second drafts, say: REWRITES

11 "This is very flattering!": IMHONORED

12 Stead: LIEU

13 Nice summers: ETES

21 Burden: ONUS

23 "Ozark" actor Morales: ESAI

25 Pizza Hut competitor: DOMINOS

27 Red and Black: SEAS

28 Scot's cap: TAM

30 Memorable captain's name that's a sign backwards: NEMO

31 Actress Falco: EDIE

32 Lhasa __: APSO

33 Thumbs-down reviews: PANS

34 Monitored, as an exam: PROCTORED

36 Little honk: TOOT

38 Walks aimlessly: TRAIPSES

40 Understood: GOT

43 Tough-to-get-out-of situation: TRAP

45 Glacier chunk: BERG

48 Peppery root: RADISH

49 Bugs: NAGSAT

51 Concrete-reinforcing rod: REBAR

53 Dorothy, to Em: NIECE

54 Thelma portrayer Davis: GEENA

55 Mississippi quartet: ESSES

56 Wheel teeth: COGS

57 "Castle Rock" airer: HULU

58 Sell: VEND

59 Duel tool: EPEE

62 Pigeon sound: COO

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