LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 29 April 2021

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Los Angeles Times 29 April 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 29 April 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Yanks' NL counterparts, on scoreboards: NYM

4 Looks at phone pics, say: SCROLLS

11 Stew ingredient: PEA

14 Remote battery size: AAA

15 Pedicure focus: TOENAIL

16 Burning: LIT

17 Wrongly-named winner in a 1948 headline: THOMASDEWEY

19 MD treating canals: ENT

20 Rival of ancient Athens: CORINTH

21 Remove from its box: UNCASE

23 Use a block and tackle on: HOIST

24 Egg head? OVI

27 Bridge positions: EASTS

28 To the point: SHORTANDSWEET

31 "That's __-brainer!": ANO

32 "Exodus" novelist: URIS

33 Common game piece: DIE

34 Floppy: LIMP

37 Felt under the weather: AILED

39 Spy in "Spectre" (2015): BOND

40 "Skylanding" artist: ONO

41 Record concern: BLOT

42 Pique condition? IRE

44 Teamwork-inspiring motto: UNITEDWESTAND

48 Plant anew: RESOW

49 Fleet VIP: ADM

50 Cutlass model: CIERA

53 Stella __: Belgian brew: ARTOIS

55 College member: ELECTOR

57 Minute: WEE

58 Drifters in some Western scenes ... and a hint to what's hidden in the three other longest puzzle answers: TUMBLEWEEDS

61 PC linkup: LAN

62 Zagreb's country: CROATIA

63 Musk of Tesla, e.g.: CEO

64 Yearbook sect.: SRS

65 It's usually inadmissible: HEARSAY

66 Truck weight unit: TON


1 "You betcha!": NATCH

2 Google rival: YAHOO

3 New Zealand natives: MAORIS

4 Two-time NL home run leader Giancarlo: STANTON

5 Damage, so to speak: COST

6 On a big streak: REDHOT

7 Capital __: ONE

8 Saul's field in "Better Call Saul": LAW

9 Stead: LIEU

10 Cunning: SLYNESS

11 "Be my guest!": PLEASEDO

12 Relatively famous physicist? EINSTEIN

13 Bore witness: ATTESTED

18 Minor accident: MISHAP

22 Cornfield cry: CAW

25 Leapt: VAULTED

26 Legal memo opener: INRE

29 "Fantastic Mr. Fox" author Dahl: ROALD

30 "Ta-da!": DIDIT

34 "Love Is a Hurtin' Thing" crooner: LOURAWLS

35 Where peripheral vertigo originates: INNEREAR

36 Bastes, as turkey: MOISTENS

38 Original site of golf's John Deere Classic: IOWA

39 "No arguing!": BENICE

41 Cast a spell on: BEWITCH

43 IndyCar venue: RACEWAY

45 In addition: TOO

46 Silvery food fish: SMELTS

47 Learn about: DETECT

51 "Not my first __!": RODEO

52 Burning desire? ARSON

54 "Fine with me": SURE

56 "Star Wars" princess: LEIA

59 Extinct emu-like bird: MOA

60 Stout server: BAR

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