LA Times Crossword answers Friday 29 April 2022

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Los Angeles Times 29 April 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 29 April 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Swedish pop group with the 2021 album "Voyage": ABBA

5 Gels: SETS

9 Manhattan Project project, briefly: ABOMB

14 Moved smoothly: SLID

15 Country that outlawed alcohol in 1979: IRAN

16 Home of the world's tallest building: DUBAI

17 Throw hard: HURL

18 Disney title character from Hawaii: LILO

19 Like cellared wine: AGING

20 Group of apartments made of gingerbread? EDIBLECOMPLEX

23 Fall for: BUY

24 Convention giveaway: TOTE

25 Card game with a Pixar version: UNO

28 Worship leader: IMAM

31 Trio for Bergman and Streep: OSCARS

35 Gang made up of very light eaters? NIBBLERING

38 Keep hidden, perhaps: ABET

39 Skirt: AVOID

40 Letter from ancient Troy: TAU

41 "Three Tall Women" playwright: ALBEE

42 __ chic: GEEK

43 Logo designer's day-to-day existence? SYMBOLLIFE

45 Like some jokes: INSIDE

47 "__ it obvious?": ISNT

48 Hard-to-prove skill: ESP

49 Soft ball: NERF

51 Toon spinner: TAZ

53 Cute, furry problem for Captain Kirk? TRIBBLETHREAT

59 Roadster since 1989: MIATA

60 Part of a plot: ACRE

61 Tarot's swords, e.g.: SUIT

63 Heavy metal bar: INGOT

64 Arena statue honoree, familiarly: SHAQ

65 Corner: TREE

66 Brownish gray: TAUPE

67 Folk singer Axton: HOYT

68 Simple cat toy: YARN


1 2022 Australian Open winner Barty, familiarly: ASH

2 Bummed out: BLUE

3 Jay or oriole: BIRD

4 Surprise the director, maybe: ADLIB

5 "Wow, I am dumb!": SILLYME

6 Empire State county: ERIE

7 Puff stuff: TALC

8 Elitist: SNOOT

9 Rolls with the punches: ADAPTS

10 Taps, say: BUGLECALL

11 Tony's cousin: OBIE

12 Tailless pet: MANX

13 Not insignificant: BIG

21 Complete a LEGO set: BUILD

22 Synthesizer pioneer: MOOG

25 Kabayaki fish: UNAGI

26 Bond player in the original "Casino Royale": NIVEN

27 Yamaha products: OBOES

29 Pretentious: ARTY

30 Heat setting? MIAMI

32 "Three Billboards ... " actress Cornish: ABBIE

33 Sailing hazards: REEFS

34 Quite expensive: STEEP

36 Two-piece piece: BIKINITOP

37 Remnants in a crayon box: NUBS

41 Sacred stand: ALTAR

43 Tesla, e.g.: SERB

44 Hush-hush: ONTHEQT

46 Pre-election event: DEBATE

50 Superhero who taps into the Speed Force: FLASH

52 Hot: ZESTY

53 Mother of Beyoncé and Solange Knowles: TINA

54 Trattoria sauce: RAGU

55 Unoriginal reply: ECHO

56 DVD holder: TRAY

57 Special glow: AURA

58 Management level: TIER

59 I.M. Pei's alma mater: MIT

62 Score half: TEN

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