LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 29 August 2017

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Los Angeles Times 29 August 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 29 August 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Ruin: SPOIL

6 Pesto herb: BASIL

11 NYC financial newspaper: WSJ

14 Dodgers and Giants: TEAMS

15 Spanish girl: CHICA

16 Boo follower: HOO

17 Microsoft Excel tool: SPREADSHEET

19 It's found in lodes: ORE

20 Disc in the dishwasher: PLATE

21 Parish residence: RECTORY

23 Mount sacred to Judaism: ZION

24 Like lutes and mandolins: PEARSHAPED

27 Splinter groups: SECTS

29 Beer drinker's option, briefly: IPA

30 River from Lake Victoria: NILE

31 First animal rescue vessel? ARK

32 Ex-Yankee Martinez: TINO

34 John of Monty Python: CLEESE

36 Gentle hose setting: FINESPRAY

38 Shoot for, with "to": ASPIRE

41 New Mexico art hub: TAOS

42 Chicken __: itchy malady: POX

45 Paper mishap: TEAR

46 Building wing: ELL

47 Yankee manager Joe with four World Series wins: TORRE

49 Stain remover for wrinkle-resistant fabric: PERMAPRESS

53 Close by: NEAR

54 Gets away: ESCAPES

55 When many take coffee breaks: ATTEN

57 "__ you listening?": ARE

58 Pocket coins, or what can literally be seen in each set of puzzle circles: SPARECHANGE

62 Animation frame: CEL

63 Prohibit, legally: ESTOP

64 Fencing swords: EPEES

65 Masthead VIPs: EDS

66 Small and large: SIZES

67 Actress Streep: MERYL


1 42nd and Wall: Abbr.: STS

2 More lively: PEPPIER

3 Dinghy attachment: OARLOCK

4 "That is to say ... ": IMEANT

5 J.D.-to-be's exam: LSAT

6 Former NCAA football ranking sys.: BCS

7 Spa sigh: AHH

8 Mountain chain: SIERRA

9 Fruity frozen drinks: ICEES

10 Fastening device: LATCH

11 __ pie: cream-filled chocolate cake: WHOOPIE

12 Reddish-brown horses: SORRELS

13 "Peppermint Twist" lead singer: JOEYDEE

18 ATM transaction: Abbr.: DEP

22 Dred Scott decision Chief Justice: TANEY

23 When doubled, a Gabor: ZSA

25 German article: EINE

26 Biblical disciple: APOSTLE

28 Verb in a recipe: STIR

33 Suffix with chlor-: INE

34 Zagreb's country, to the IOC: CRO

35 Bringing up the rear: LAST

36 Terra __: solid land: FIRMA

37 Friends: PALS

38 Content (with): ATPEACE

39 Becomes incensed: SEESRED

40 FedEx deliveries: PARCELS

42 Feather-fixing bird, e.g.: PREENER

43 Like a bad fake tan: ORANGEY

44 Gen-__: millennial preceder: XER

46 Fake: ERSATZ

48 Already recorded: ONTAPE

50 Church recesses: APSES

51 Cola choice: PEPSI

52 Anatomical pouch: SAC

56 Those folks: THEM

59 Fish eggs: ROE

60 Mini-albums, for short: EPS

61 Subj. for immigrants: ESL

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